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Pricing for These Silver Coins Remains Strong Despite Falling Spot Prices

If you’re an investor in silver bullion or a collector of silver coins, you’re no doubt aware that the price of gold and silver have seen a pullback in recent weeks. Most recently, the price of silver has dropped roughly 6% – 7% over the past week. A number of potential factors
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What You Need to Know Before You Buy Silver Bullion

We recently met with a first time buyer of silver coins and bullion and spent approximately an hour explaining the different types of products, premiums, demand and the liquidity of each item. Considering that we’ve recently seen a surge in new silver coin and bullion investors, we th
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Government Issued Gold Coins vs. Privately Issued Gold Rounds

This week’s article addresses the issue of privately minted gold rounds vs. government issued gold coins.  The inspiration of this post came from a recent customer who informed us that his mother-in-law was recently convinced by a coin broker to exchange her government issued go
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Large Online Coin & Bullion Dealer Suspends Operations

BullionDirect.com, a large online coin and bullion dealer, has recently suspended operations due to transactional delays.  The following message is posted on the homepage of their website:   Bullion Direct has experienced significant transactional delays. To avoid further inconve
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Is it Time to Purchase Gold & Silver? One Industry Insider Thinks So

When mainstream industry insiders recommend gold and silver, it’s time to act. Ian Spreadbury, a bond fund manager for Fidelity, recently warned of the risk of a systematic event due to the lack of liquidity in the markets and recommended that individuals hedge against this risk by ho
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Deal of the Week: Silver Rounds & Bars @ $1 over spot!

We’re offering tarnished or toned silver rounds and bars at only $1 over spot per ounce for this week’s deal of the week!  Included in this week’s deal are many gold plated silver rounds as well.  The silver rounds and bars range in size from 1 oz to approximately 10
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