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Is it Time to Purchase Gold & Silver? One Industry Insider Thinks So

When mainstream industry insiders recommend gold and silver, it’s time to act. Ian Spreadbury, a bond fund manager for Fidelity, recently warned of the risk of a systematic event due to the lack of liquidity in the markets and recommended that individuals hedge against this risk by ho
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Deal of the Week: Silver Rounds & Bars @ $1 over spot!

We’re offering tarnished or toned silver rounds and bars at only $1 over spot per ounce for this week’s deal of the week!  Included in this week’s deal are many gold plated silver rounds as well.  The silver rounds and bars range in size from 1 oz to approximately 10
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Are Old Coins Necessarily Rare? A Look at 100 Year Old Coins

As a leading Atlanta coin dealer, we frequently receive phone calls and e-mails from prospective customers who are interested in selling their old coins.   A common assumption is that the coins are valuable due to their age. We’ve previously discussed factors that affect a coin’s valu
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Deal of the Week: Modern Gold & Silver Commemorative Coin Sets

This week’s deal of the week is for modern gold and silver coin commemorative sets.  We’re selling all of these sets at greysheet bid!  The six coin sets below include two silver dollars, two gold coins and two half dollar coins.  The remaining sets include at least one go
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Are You a Coin Collector, Investor or Buyer? Read this Article to Find Out!

In a recent piece by Peter Mosiondz, Jr. for CoinWeek, he provides some sound coin collecting advice and describes three categories of individuals that purchase coins.  While his coin collecting recommendations are spot on, we believe that he’s slightly off the mark with respect to de
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Stinkers and Stellars: An Update on the State of the Coin Industry

Periodically we like to update our readers on particular coins and sets that are in high demand and those that aren’t.  We’ll refer to them as stinkers and stellars in this article.  Not much has changed since our last update, but we do have a few particular coins and sets that we wou
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