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Silver Bars, Bullion & Coins in Stock at Atlanta Gold & Coin

As you may have recently read, demand for gold and silver coins and bullion at the moment is extremely high, which is causing shortages in the market and higher than usual premiums.  Many silver coin and bullion offerings are completely sold out with delays of up to a month or two.  W
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Don’t Sell these Silver Coins for their Silver Content

  We regularly meet with customers who have a wide variety of silver coins, and without fail, one of the most frequently asked questions that we receive is if we buy coins for their silver value or their coin value. The answer is actually “yes” on both accounts, as some coins are more
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New Gold & Silver Coin Inventory @ Atlanta Gold & Coin!

As we mentioned in a recent post, at the moment, demand is far outpacing supply for gold & silver coins.  In fact, we have a long waiting list of customers to be notified once we receive certain products in stock.  That being said, we’re fortunate to have recently made a few
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What to Do if We’re Out of Stock of Your Desired Coins & Bullion

Current demand for gold and silver coins and bullion is near an all-time high, which had made it difficult to fill orders.  You may have noticed that our inventory is at some of its lowest levels ever, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re not able to assist you wit
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Popular Online Coin Dealer Files Bankruptcy: How to Protect Yourself

As you may recall, approximately a month ago we shared with our readers that Bullion Direct had suspended operations.  Typically, where’s there smoke, there’s fire, and not surprisingly, we were recently informed that they have filed for bankruptcy protection.  We’ve
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Pricing for These Silver Coins Remains Strong Despite Falling Spot Prices

If you’re an investor in silver bullion or a collector of silver coins, you’re no doubt aware that the price of gold and silver have seen a pullback in recent weeks. Most recently, the price of silver has dropped roughly 6% – 7% over the past week. A number of potential factors
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