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Seven Ways to Avoid Losing Money in the Rare Coin Market

Recently we’ve met with a few individuals who were the heirs of estate coin and currency collections only to find that many of the items had little to no value. This can be a hard pill to swallow; especially when many of the items included invoices from the purchasing company that wou
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Tax Time is Here – Cash in Your Coins & Bullion @ Atlanta Gold & Coin Buyers!

As we all know, tax day is rapidly approaching and Atlanta Gold & Coin Buyers is here to help!  We have met with many people over the past few days who have cashed in their coins and bullion to meet their tax obligations.  We realize that April 15th is only one day away, so weR
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Don’t be Taken When You Sell Gold Coins; They’re Not Jewelry

Earlier this week we spoke with a prospective customer who was interested in purchasing and selling gold coins much like stocks.  He acknowledged that through his online research that most gold coins were selling at a premium of 4% – 6%, which is about right; however, he wanted
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Happy Easter from Atlanta Gold & Coin Buyers!

The staff at Atlanta Gold & Coin Buyers would like to wish all of our customers a Happy Easter!  We’ll be closed today to celebrate the holiday with family, but will be available to meet for appointments beginning Monday morning.  We’ll provide a list of some of our mo
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Receive More When you Sell More at Atlanta Gold & Coin

Atlanta Gold & Coin Buyers has recently rolled out a large volume incentive plan that we hope will be well received by our customer base. As most of our regular customers already know, we’re the only coin dealer in Atlanta and one of the few in the industry that posts our buying r
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Gold and Silver Spike in Response to Yellen Press Conference

The Federal Open Market Committee just concluded their March meeting, and as expected, investors were waiting on pins and needles in anticipation of Janet Yellen’s press conference with the Fed’s guidance.  While at times it can be difficult to decipher the tea leaves, the
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