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100 Ounce Silver Bars – Johnson Matthey, Engelhard & Sunshine Minting!

Atlanta Gold & Coin Buyers is pleased to announce that we’ve recently added to our inventory three new 100 ounce silver bars from some of the top producers of silver bars in the industry.

Included in our most recent offering are 100 oz silver bars from Engelhard, Johnson Matthey and Sunshine Minting. With the price of silver rising in recent years, some less than honest individuals have taken to producing counterfeit 100 oz silver bars, which is one reason why you want to stick with brand name producers that you can trust.

All three 100 ounce silver bars have assay/serial numbers, so there’s no question as to their authenticity. Furthermore, all three silver bars have been weighed and tested by our in-house experts to confirm the authenticity of the items.

The availabilty of 100 oz silver bars has dried up in recent years, so we don’t expect this lot to last long. If you’ve been in the market to acquire 100 ounce silver bars from a reputable manufacturer, this is your chance. Contact us today while supplies last!

100 Ounce Silver Bars

Tony Davis
Tony Davis