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100 oz Johnson Matthey Silver Bars Now in Stock!

Johnson Matthey Silver Bars

Atlanta Gold & Coin Buyers is pleased to announce that we’ve recently received a new inventory of 100 oz Johnson Matthey silver bars that we’re selling at industry leading rates.  These bars are great for large silver bullion buyers and are incredibly compact.  In fact, we can fit more than twice as many ounces of 100 ounce silver bars as 90% silver coins in a flat rate box.  Their rectangular shape also makes them ideal for stacking.

As many silver bullion investors know, Johnson Matthey, along with Engelhard, is the premier producer of silver bars in North America.  This means that if the need ever arises to sell your silver bars, that there’s a broad and liquid market in which to conduct business.  Furthermore, considering that silver bars have been known to be counterfeited, silver buyers will want to ensure that they’re purchasing an authentic bar, so reputation can be incredibly important when buying or selling silver bullion.

While we have a number of these bars in stock, they’re also going quickly (in fact, we just had a buyer pick up 10 bars), so if you’re in the market to purchase bulk silver at below market rates, contact us now at 404-236-9744 to reserve yours while supplies last!

Tony Davis
Tony Davis