1/4 oz Gold Eagles Available for Sale

Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers is pleasde to announce that we have a new inventory of 1/4 ounce American gold eagles available for sale.

American gold eagles are the most recognized, liquid and sought after gold coins in the U.S. Fractional gold coins, such as 1/4 oz and 1/10 oz gold coins are especially popular, as these coins are accessible to individuals who may not have the discretionary funds to purchase larger denomination gold coins, such as 1/2 ounce and 1 ounce gold eagles.

The 1/4 oz gold eagles that we have available for sale are standard gold bullion coins as opposed to gold proof coins; although, we do currently have in stock two complete sets of American gold eagle proof coins containing 1 oz, 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz and 1/10 oz gold coins.

Gold bullion coins are purchased primarily for the gold content in the coins, and are sold for lower premiums that gold eagle proof coins, which are lower mintage and limited edition coins. Precious metal investors are typically partial to gold bullion coins, while coin collectors favor proof gold coins; although, there’s a good bit of crossover as well.

Whether you’re interested in buying or selling quarter ounce gold eagles, or any other denomination of gold coin for that matter, we welcome you to contact Atlanta Gold & Coins Buyers, a leading Atlanta gold bullion and coin dealer. We pay among the highest rates in the industry for gold coins and sell gold coins at rates below those of our competition. We look forward to hearing from you and earning your business.
1/4 oz gold eagles