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3 Famous Coin Collections From Around the World

3 Famous Coin Collections From Around the World

As an investment strategy and a hobby, the world of numismatics welcomes coin collectors from various backgrounds, including kings, popes, famous actors, and everyday investors. Here’s a look at three of the most well-known coin collections in the world.

King Farouk’s Collection: Cairo, Egypt

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One of the largest and most notable collections of the 20th century, King Farouk amassed what was perhaps the most valuable personal coin collection ever. Among his collection was an incredibly rare 1933 version of the $20 St. Gaudens double eagle. In fact, King Farouk had to secure a special export license to bring this coin with him to Egypt because Executive Order 6102 had banned individuals from owning gold in the U.S.

After King Farouk was removed from the throne in 1952, the new Egyptian government organized an auction to sell his coin collection. It can be difficult to sell an estate collection at fair prices, and collectors who ventured to Cairo for the auction were able to purchase highly valuable coins at a discount. More recently, his 1933 St. Gaudens double eagle was sold for $7.6 million at an auction in 2002.

The National Numismatic Collection at the Smithsonian Institution: Washington, D.C.

Take a trip to the Smithsonian to see nearly 1.6 million pieces of currency in the heart of the U.S. capital. The National Numismatic Collection attracts tourists from around the globe and was started in 1923. Their exhibits include an array of rare coins, including coins from ancient civilizations, the Confederacy, and countries from around the world.

The American Numismatic Association (ANA) Money Museum: Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado Springs is home to the Rocky Mountains, gorgeous scenery, and the ANA Money Museum. Nearly 250,000 pieces are displayed at the museum, including the famous gold coins that make up the Harry Bass Core Collection. These interactive exhibits allow visitors to get a closer look at some of the rarest pieces of currency, and many of the displays were designed specifically for children if you’d like to take your junior collector along for the trip.

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