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5 Reasons Why You Should Do Business with Atlanta Coin Dealers

As a coin dealer in Atlanta, I’m frequently asked by customers what the benefits are in conducting business locally as opposed to buying gold and silver coins from large national internet based coin dealers. While there are intangible reasons that can’t necessarily be quantified, I believe that there are 5 distinct tangible reasons why you should consider doing business with Atlanta coin dealers over large national internet coin dealers.

First and foremost, you’re not likely to build a relationship or rapport with a national coin dealer. Most transactions are likely conducted via the internet, and for those that aren’t, through a quick phone conversation with a faceless nameless individual who likely doesn’t have your best interests at heart. These individuals are unlikely to steer you away from making a bad purchase or recommend coins and bullion that are consistent with your investment strategy. Rather, they’ve likely been informed by their superiors to recommend overstock items in an attempt to clear their inventory, which may or may not be in your best interest.

Secondly, most national coin dealers don’t provide preferred pricing to regular customers. The rate remains the same whether you’re a longtime customer or a first time buyer. While they oftentimes provide preferred pricing for large bulk purchases, these slightly discounted rates are available to anyone who may be interested in purchasing gold and silver coins and bullion…not as a way of thanking their regular customers for their loyalty. Most Atlanta coin dealers value their customer relationships, and are usually willing to provide preferred pricing to these individuals.

Thirdly, as a regular and valued customer of a metro Atlanta coin dealer, you’re likely to receive first dibs on any new inventory that arrives. This is important, because at times, coin dealers experience a high demand for certain coins, bullion, bars, and rounds that are difficult to keep in stock. Rather than having to frequently check in with the coin dealer to determine if they have in stock what you wish to buy, they’re likely to notify you once they receive inventory that they know you’re interested in purchasing. This cuts down on the time and effort you need to expend in tracking down your desired items.

Fourthly, when and/or if the time comes to sell your coins, bullion, bars and rounds, a local Atlanta coin dealer with whom you’ve established a relationship is likely to provide you with preferred buying rates. This is important, as buying and selling at preferred rates reduces your buy/sell spread, meaning that you’ll be able to realize a profit on your purchase that much sooner. The hurdles that you need to overcome with some large national internet coin dealers may be too high to overcome, making buying and selling gold and silver bullion a less than desirable investment.

Last, but not least, is the privacy that you gain by conducting business locally with an Atlanta coin dealer. It goes without saying that all of your online credit card purchases can be tracked, which may be defeating the purpose why you’re investing in gold and silver coins. Most individuals are interested in purchasing precious metals as a hedge; whether it be against inflation, financial collapse, governmental policies, etc. Local transactions can help to keep your purchases confidential, which may be to your benefit depending on future economic conditions.

In summary, conducting business with local Atlanta coin dealers can be beneficial for at least 5 distinct reasons, and likely many others that are more intangible in nature. If you’re interested in receiving sound coin and bullion investment advice, preferred pricing on the buy and sell side, first dibs at new inventory, and privacy when conducting your transactions, then transacting with a local Atlanta coin dealer is the right decision for you!Atlanta Coin Dealers

Tony Davis
Tony Davis