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50 Mexican Gold Pesos & 20 Mexican Gold Pesos in Stock!

50 Mexican Gold Coins
1947 Mexican 50 Peso Gold Coin

Atlanta Gold & Coin Buyers is pleased to announce that we’ve recently acquired some 20 Pesos and 50 Pesos Mexican gold coins that we’re selling at extremely competitive rates. When most of the market at the moment is out of gold and silver bullion, we’re excited to be able to offer our customers high quality gold bullion coins at affordable rates.

For those individuals that are unfamiliar with these coins, the 20 peso Mexican gold coin is a 90% gold coin that has an actual gold weight of slightly less than a half an ounce. While the total weight of the coin is slightly above a half an ounce, the purity of the coin translates into slightly less than a half an ounce of pure gold.

The 50 peso Mexican gold coin is one of the largest government minted gold bullion coins minted in the 20th century. Most sovereign issued gold coins are no larger than one ounce, while the 50 Mexican gold pesos coin contains exactly 1.2 troy ounces of pure gold. This is a nice alternative for individuals that are interested in purchasing large government issued gold coins.

Why should you consider buying Mexican gold coins? For one, they are government issued. Any government issued gold coin is going to be more highly sought after than a privately minted gold coin. This is because the issuing government guarantees that the coin contains the exactly purity and weight as indicated in the specifications. Secondly, Mexican gold pesos can oftentimes be purchased at lower premiums than some of the other more familiar foreign issued gold coins, such as Canadian maple leafs and South African gold krugerrands.

Atlanta Gold & Coin Buyers not only has 20 & 50 peso Mexican gold coins available for sale, but we also regularly purchase these coins, so whether you’re in the market to buy or sell Mexican gold pesos, contact Atlanta Gold & Coin Buyers today to receive some of the most competitive rates in the industry. We look forward to hearing from you and earning your business!

Tony Davis
Tony Davis
Tony Davis is the owner of Atlanta Gold & Coin Buyers, a full service Atlanta based coin and bullion dealer specializing in buying, selling and appraising coins and coin collections of all types and sizes. Tony frequently writes on various economic and numismatic related topics affecting the coin and bullion markets and has been published on some of the industry’s leading websites, including Coin Week, the American Numismatic Association, Coin Collector, Coinflation, and Coin Auctions Help, just to name a few. Visit Atlanta Gold & Coin’s website at to obtain additional information on the products, services and educational resources offered by his company. Tony can be reached at or at 404-236-9744
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