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$500 Face Value of Junk Silver Quarters Available – Limited Time Opportunity!

As one of the leading silver coin buyers in Atlanta and throughout the Southeast, we regularly have a fluctuating inventory, but due to a couple of relatively large purchases as of late, we’re excited to be offering our customers the rare opportunity to buy a $500 face value bag of junk silver quarters at below market rates.

This is truly a limited opportunity as we need to meet current customer demand, so as soon as our inventory of silver quarters drops below $500 face value, we’ll be withdrawing this offer; only to reappear when we next make a sizable purchase of junk silver coins.

While we don’t always have $5oo in face value of silver dimes, quarters, or half dollars available, we regularly carry in stock a wide variety of junk silver coins, and can meet nearly any request by providing a mixed bag of silver coins.

For individuals that are interested in buying higher end silver coins, we also regularly carry uncirculated American silver eagles as well as Morgan and Peace silver dollars in any condition.

Our silver inventory doesn’t stop there, as we also carry silver bars, rounds, and ingots of various sizes from some of the most well respected private producers of silver bullion in the industry.

For the bargain hunter, we carry U.S. silver war nickels and 40% silver Kennedy half dollars, which are some of the least expensive ways to accumulate silver bullion in a recognizable format.

Our wide variety of silver bullion coins comes from our being one of the most aggressive buyers of silver coins in Atlanta and throughout the state of Georgia, so whether you’re in the market to buy or sell silver coins, you can expect to receive industry leading rates from Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers. ¬†We look forward to hearing from you and earning your business!


Tony Davis
Tony Davis