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A Guide to Selling Coins Online

Whether you’ve been collecting for years and you’re looking for a way to make a few extra bucks or you’ve inherited a collection that you’re not sure what to do with, selling your coins online may be a good option. There’s no secret for success, and anyone may be able to sell coins online with the right guidance.

Get Your Coins Appraised

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The first thing you should do is get your coins appraised by a professional. The value of some coins may have changed since you last went through your collection, and overpricing or underpricing your coins may prevent them from selling or cut into your margins.

Knowing exactly what your coins are worth helps you create an attractive list price, make adjustments for shipping, and maximize your profit margin as much as possible.

Be Patient During the Buying Process

Most coin buyers are very cautious about how they spend their money. They’re going to shop around much more than the average online shopper to make sure they’re getting the best possible deal.

It may take serious buyers months to make a decision, and pressuring them to purchase could raise their suspicions about your coin and cause them to buy it elsewhere. At the same time, you can’t let long wait times discourage you—always keep your coins online so potential buyers can find them and make a decision.

Be as Descriptive as Possible

Online shopping means buyers can’t hold the coin in their hands and examine it themselves. That’s why your pictures must do well to display your coin from every angle, showing every scratch, crevice, and feature for proper coin grading. Additionally, make sure the coin’s description is complete and comprehensive, providing the buyer with all the information they’ll need to make a decision.

If you’re interested in selling coins online, getting them appraised is arguably the most important step. Atlanta Gold & Coin Buyers offers transparent and convenient coin appraisals available online, by phone, or email. Give us a call at 404-236-9744 or request an appointment to get started.

Tony Davis
Tony Davis