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A List of the 5 Most Affordable 1/10 oz Fractional Sovereign Gold Coins

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A List of the 5 Most Affordable 1/10 oz Fractional Sovereign Gold Coins


Sovereign or government-issued gold coins are some of the most popular and widely traded coins in the market. The most common size and affordable on a per ounce basis are 1 oz gold coins, but on occasion, folks are interested in acquiring fractional gold coins for diversification purposes. Furthermore, these coins are ideal if you have a short-term financial need that is less than the equivalent of an ounce of gold. In other words, a fractional gold coin will allow you to meet short-term and smaller financial needs more efficiently than a 1 oz gold coin.

In particular, some investors are interested in the smallest-size government-issued coins that they can acquire. As always, cost is a factor, so the cheaper the better – especially considering that fractional gold coins trade at higher premiums than their larger size counterparts.

While not considered an exhaustive list, we thought our readers would be interested in knowing which 5 recognized 1/10 oz government-issued coins are typically the most affordable. Not surprisingly, our journey will take us overseas, as 1/10 oz American gold eagles and Canadian gold maples tend to trade at the highest rates.

1/10 oz British Gold Britannia

The Royal Mint has been producing British gold britannias since 1987. While not necessarily the first gold coin you think of when considering foreign gold coins, it’s a solid option and sells for among the lowest premiums of the 1/10 oz gold coin offerings. Furthermore, the design of the coin is beautiful. It depicts the Roman goddess or Britannia holding a trident, which is an iconic image in the coin and bullion industry. In the early years, the purity of gold britannias was 91.6% or 22k, but since 2013, it’s .999 fine or 24k. The Royal Mint is the longest running mint of any of the coins featured, tracing its origins back nearly 1,100 years.

1/10 oz Austrian Gold Philharmonics1/10oz gold austrian philharmonic

Like the British gold britannias, Madonna and Michael Jackson, Austrian gold philharmonics made their debut in the 1980’s. The first year of issuance was 1989, but 1/10 oz gold harmonics were first minted in 1991. The philharmonic is one of the most beautiful modern-issued gold coins, featuring an image of the Vienna philharmonic on the obverse and orchestra instruments on the reverse. There should be a broad and liquid market for these coins if the time ever comes to sell. Just be sure that you properly store them, as they’re 24k gold and are susceptible to scratches.

1/10 oz South African Gold Krugerrands1/10oz gold krugerrand

The South African gold krugerrand was the first modern government-issued investment coin produced, making its debut in 1967. In fact, it was released when it was still illegal for U.S. citizens to hold gold coins. Also, for a time, it was banned due to apartheid, but today is one of the five most widely traded gold coins in the market. However, the 1/10 oz gold krugerrand wasn’t released until 13 years after the debut of the 1 oz gold krugerrand. This is the only gold coin in our list with a purity of less than 24k. On a positive note, the addition of base metals tends to make this coin a bit more durable than the other coins we’ve highlighted.

1/10 oz Australian gold kangaroos1/10oz gold australian kangaroo

While the Perth Mint, Australia’s official mint, is known for producing many different types of coins, the gold kangaroo is the most popular and recognized among its offerings. Gold kangaroos were first issued by the Perth Mint in 1986. One interesting tidbit of information is that the image of the kangaroo(s) changes every year, so this is a good option for those investors that prefer a little variety with their gold coin investments. Considered part of the British Commonwealth, up until 2023, the front or obverse of the coin pictured Queen Elizabeth. The 2024 gold kangaroo features an image of King Charles on the front of the coin. Of note, most gold and silver coins featuring King Charles haven’t been quite as popular as coins featuring Queen Elizabeth.

1/10 Chinese Gold pandas1/10oz Gold panda

Love or hate them, China is well known for producing gold and silver coins and have issued some of the most collectible modern coins in the market. While there was initially some backlash against China following the pandemic, investors seem to have forgotten and forgiven. Chinese gold coins were first issued in 1982, and like the gold kangaroo, depict different images of pandas every year. Furthermore, a nice feature of these coins is that they originally come sealed in plastic from the Chinese Mint. While there’s nothing wrong with a loose gold panda, anything in original government packaging (OGP) is always preferable. One quick note on these coins – the Chinese government switched from troy ounces to grams in 2016, so coins produced since that time are slightly less than a 1/10 oz.


We could have highlighted a number of 1/10 oz sovereign or government-issued gold coins for our article today, but we chose to go with some of the most recognized, liquid and reasonably priced gold coins in the market.

All of the coins we featured are great options, are from recognized mints, and except for South African gold krugerrands, are 24k gold. In other words, when presented with the opportunity to acquire any of these coins at a reasonable price, we recommend jumping at the opportunity.

While the coin and bullion experts at Atlanta Gold & Coin Buyers most frequently deal in 1 oz gold coins, we regularly have a supply of fractional gold coins on hand. If you happen to be in the market for coins that we don’t have readily available and are interested in 10 oz or more, we can always reach out to our suppliers to fill a custom order for you. Contact us today regardless of your gold coin buying needs. We look forward to hearing from you.

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