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Are you Interested in Buying $100 Face Value Lots of Silver Coins for Less? If so, Give Us a Call Today!

Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers continues its aggressive buying of gold and silver coins and is pleased to announce that, for a limited time, we’re selling $100 face value lots of silver coins at prices below our already extremely competitive rates. In fact, you would be hard pressed to find a coin dealer in Atlanta that is offering silver coins at such amazing prices.

Also, for the next two days we’re offering the opportunity to buy a $1,000 face value lot of silver coins, including 90% silver dimes, quarters, and half dollars. We can only maintain this offer for a mere 48 hours considering the high demand that we currently have for individuals interested in buying $100 face value lots of silver coins.

How is it that Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers is able to sell large lots of silver coins on a regular basis?
The fact of the matter is that we offer among the most competitive, if not the most competitive rates in metro Atlanta and beyond when we buy silver coin lots. In fact, just this weekend, a customer drove down from North Carolina to sell us a lot large of 90% silver dimes. We apparently were offering the most competitive rates within 3 – 4 hours of his North Carolina residence.

We sell silver coins at equally competitive rates, as we have a business model that’s superior to our competition. Since we only see customers by appointment only, at our executive offices in N.E. Atlanta, as well as in Midtown, we’re able to save on overhead costs, employee expenses, and overall operating expenses. We also have a business model that is built on high volume and low margins, so we would much rather sell silver coins at prices below our competition and move our inventory as opposed to holding out for the highest prices.

If you’ve been contemplating buying a $100 face value silver coin lot, or any sized lot, for that matter, we encourage you to contact us today to receive the best prices. Alternatively, if you’re interested in selling silver coins and are looking for the most for your coins, we believe that there’s no better option in the metro Atlanta area and beyond than Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers.

We offer three convenient ways to contact us. We can be reached via phone at 404-236-9744, via e-mail at, or via the contact form on the ‘Free Appraisal’ or ‘Contact Us’ pages of our website. As the name of the page implies, we offer free no-obligation coin appraisals and would love the opportunity to sit down with you to evaluate your coin collection.

Tony Davis
Tony Davis