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Beware of fake gold and silver coins, bars and bullion

We wanted to share with our customers the following article from Zerohedge on fake 10 oz gold bars.

Other fakes that we’ve personally seen or that are rumored to be circulating in the industry are 100 oz silver bars, Morgan and Peace silver dollars, Trade Dollars, 1 oz Sunshine Minting silver bars, Chinese gold pandas, $20 Liberty Head & St. Gaudens double eagles.

We believe that the takeaway is to not only do business with highly reputable coin and bullion dealers, but to also purchase items that you’re familiar with. ¬†Additionally, tools and resources are available to help you to confirm the authenticity of the items that you’re purchasing.

A few items that you can purchase to help identify fake coins and bullion are Fisch fake gold and silver coin detectors, an earth magnet (precious metals shouldn’t be magnetic), a caliper (to measure the dimensions of the items) and a small portable scale.

We hope that you found this information to be helpful and welcome you to contact Atlanta Gold & Coin Buyers if you need any assistance with identifying the authenticity of your items.


Tony Davis
Tony Davis