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How to Catalog Your Coin Collection Like an Expert

Coin collection experts know that properly cataloging every item they own is an important part of storing and preserving their coins. Being organized also means taking time to record important information about the collection to make it easier to sell your rare coins and keep track of
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What You Need to Know Before You Sell Silver Dollar Coins

The purpose of this post is to explain how to sell silver dollar coins at the best possible prices. Several factors go into determining the value of silver dollars, which is why it is to your benefit to become familiar with the details that influence the price of silver dollars. What
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Four Essential Coin Collecting Supplies

If you’re interested in investing in rare coins, you should consider buying a few tools to help you get started. Having these essential supplies will protect your collection from damage while allowing you to inspect each coin safely. Coin Holders, Folders, and Albums It can be t
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The Best Ways to Sell Rare Coins That You’ve Inherited

After the death of a loved one, you might be surprised to find they’ve left you a sizable collection of rare coins. Despite their value, you may not know much about coins or have the space to store them in your home. If you’re interested in selling rare coins, you have several o
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Industrial Uses for Precious Metals

Many people buy and sell precious metals because they’re smart investments that often hold their value during times of economic uncertainty. However, most of them have unique properties that make them useful in other ways. You probably use items each day without knowing that the
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The Minting Process for Silver Coins

The process of minting coins tends to be similar regardless of their metal content, but we will focus on silver in this blog. If you plan on investing in silver coins, it can be helpful to understand how they are made because some aspects of minting can affect a coin’s numismati
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