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3 Famous Coin Collections From Around the World

As an investment strategy and a hobby, the world of numismatics welcomes coin collectors from various backgrounds, including kings, popes, famous actors, and everyday investors. Here’s a look at three of the most well-known coin collections in the world. King Farouk’s Coll
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Two gold coins

3 Safe Initial Investments For New Coin Collectors

As someone who is new to investing in coins, it’s understandable if you are a bit anxious about making your first purchase. Searching for a rare or historical item to start your coin collection can be tempting and might even be a shrewd investment. However, if you buy a well-kno
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The Vatican

What Are Vatican Coins?

The Vatican is the smallest independent state in the world. Despite being located within Italy, the Vatican mints its own coins, and they have a face value that’s denominated in euros, as well as Italian lire for coins minted before 2002. These low-mintage coins have cultural an
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Several dollars laid on top of each other

Why Do Countries Devalue Their Currencies?

Each country enacts policies to manage its currency and control inflation. With respect to international trade, the relative value of a country’s currency will make buying or selling items more or less expensive, which significantly impacts its economy. Here’s an overview
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NGC Certified slabbed coin from Atlanta Gold & Coin

What Are Slabbed Coins?

To people who are new to investing in coins and precious metals, slabbing coins might sound like part of the minting process. However, it refers to a coin that has undergone certification. If you plan on buying or selling rare coins, there are a few advantages to investing in slabbed
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Silver Dollar

How Does the Mint Mark Affect the Value of Your Silver Dollars?

As coin dealers, we’re frequently asked to provide an estimated value of silver dollars based on the year of the coin. While the coin’s year can certainly impact the value, a greater determining factor is the coin’s mint mark, or where the coin was minted. You may have been aske
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