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Buy 1oz American Gold Eagle Coins in Atlanta for Less!

For those that are interested in buying 1 oz American gold eagle coins in Atlanta for less, there’s no need to look any further than Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers. While our standard 1 oz American gold eagle coins are flying off the shelves, and are in somewhat short supply, we have 1 oz American gold eagle proofs, 1 oz South African Krugerrands, 1 oz St. Gauden’s (Double Eagles), and 1 oz Liberty Head gold coins at amazing deals.

Most coin dealers in Atlanta sell 1 oz American gold eagles for a premium of 5% over spot. For a limited time, due to an oversupply, we’re letting these stunning gold coins (in original government packaging) go for only $25 over the standard price that you would pay for a 1 oz American gold eagle bullion coin. These coins are in relatively short supply relative to standard gold bullion coins and typically sell at a premium of 10% – 12% over the spot price of gold.

The 1 oz South African gold krugerrands, St. Gauden’s (Double Eagles) and Liberty Head coins are selling at equally low prices. At the moment, we’re asking a nominal premium on our South African gold krugerrands – well below the industry average. Additionally, our asking price on the St. Gauden’s double eagle and Liberty Head $20 gold coins is so low that we’re practically giving these coins away at standard bullion premiums.

Not to mention the St. Gauden’s double eagles and Liberty Eagle $20 gold coins are all in AU, AU-UNC or in uncirculated condition. Rarely do you find these coins available in the marketplace anymore, let alone for the prices at which we’re willing to sell these numismatic gems.

In summary, when buying 1 oz American gold eagle coins in Atlanta, your choice should be Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers, where we always sell 1 oz American gold coins for less. Not only do we sell 1 oz American gold eagles in Atlanta at prices well below the competition, but we pay extremely competitive prices when we buy 1 oz American gold eagle coins, as well as other gold coins. In fact, our buy/sell spread may be the lowest in the metro Atlanta area.

Give us a call today at 404-236-9744 to reserve your 1 oz American gold coins today while supplies last. At these prices, that’s not likely to be long!

Tony Davis
Tony Davis