Buy Foreign Gold Coins at the Lowest Premiums

If you’ve been contemplating purchasing gold coins and are interested in buying gold coins at the best prices, you can now buy foreign gold coins at the lowest premiums among gold coin options.

Many foreign countries have minted gold coins, which are commonly referred to as sovereign gold coins.  Sovereign gold coins are any government minted gold coins.  These coins are guaranteed by the country of issuance to contain the exact state weight and purity of the gold coin.

Many countries, such as South Africa, China, Australia, Canada, and Austria mint gold coins sell at a premium similar to U.S. issued gold coins; however, gold coins that are in slightly less demand, such as Russian gold rubles, British gold sovereigns, Denmark gold kroners, Netherlands gold guldens, Swiss and French gold francs, Austrian ducats, Mexican gold pesos, among others, are available at lower premiums, and oftentimes are the least expensive way to invest in gold.

Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers, one of Atlanta’s premier coin dealers, offers gold foreign coins at prices well below most of our competition.  We sell foreign gold coins at extremely low premiums to allow average investors to purchase gold coins at reasonable prices.  Furthermore, since most of the foreign gold coins mentioned above are available in smaller denominations, they’re more affordable than purchasing one ounce gold coins.

Not only do we sell foreign gold coins at some of the lowest prices in the industry, but we also buy foreign gold coins at industry leading rates, so if you’re in the market to buy or sell gold coins, Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers should be your coin dealer of choice.

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Tony Davis
Tony Davis