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Buy Proof Gold Eagles at Gold Bullion Prices

Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers has a fairly large inventory of proof gold eagles that we’re selling at amazing prices. In fact, you can buy proof gold eagles at premiums similar to the prices at which most Atlanta coin dealers sell standard bullion gold coins.

What is the difference between proof gold eagles and bullion gold eagles and why is it to your benefit to buy proof gold eagles over the alternative? Proof gold eagles are created with a special dye by the U.S. Mint which gives them a mirror like finish in the background and a frosted appearance in the foreground. The mintage of these coins is typically much less than bullion gold eagles, and in some cases, is considerably so.

When you buy proof gold eagles, you’re not only buying a beautiful low mintage coin that has tremendous aesthetic appeal, but you’re also buying a gold coin that is encased in handsome packaging from the U.S. Mint. The coin sits in a velvet case and includes paperwork from the U.S. Mint with the coin’s specifications. Furthermore, the velvet case is placed in a handsome box that is custom made for the size of the velvet case.

In summary, proof gold eagles are appealing not only to gold bullion buyers but also to collectors, so if you have an opportunity to buy proof gold eagles at gold bullion prices, it’s in your benefit to do so. Not only do we sell proof gold eagles as well as bullion gold eagles at some of the lowest rates in the industry, but we also buy gold eagle proofs and gold eagle bullion coins at prices above those offered by our competition. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find an Atlanta coin dealer that buys and sells gold coins at the rates offered by Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers.

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Tony Davis
Tony Davis