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Buy Silver Dimes and Silver Quarters in Bulk for Less!

As an active buyer, Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers regularly adds to their gold, silver, and platinum coin inventory.  One of our most recent purchases was for a large number of silver coins that we’re offering at prices below our already leading rates.  You can now buy silver dimes and silver quarters in bulk for less from Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers.

If you’re new to investing in silver, you may not be familiar with what constitutes a silver dime or silver quarter.  These are U.S. dimes and quarters minted prior to 1965.  These coins contain 90% silver content and are highly recognizable and extremely liquid.  In fact, if you were ever in a pinch and short of cash, you could sell silver dimes or silver quarters immediately without any issues.  There are any number of coin dealers, including Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers, who would buy silver quarters and silver dimes at any time, no matter the spot price of silver.

Since we see customers by appointment only, it’s always our preference to buy and sell silver dimes and silver quarters in bulk.  This helps to free up our time to focus on family and to work on our online coin business, which is gaining momentum.  Our goal is to become Atlanta’s leading coin dealer and one of the top online coin dealers in the business.

We plan on meeting our goals by providing exceptional customer service, offering customers the most, whether they’re buying or selling silver dimes or quarters, or any other coins for that matter, and to build and establish relationships with our customers by treating them like family.  After all, we’re a family owned and operated business, and believe that forming long lasting relationships are the key to our success.

Remember, when it comes to buying or selling silver dimes and quarters in bulk, Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers should be your online or Atlanta coin dealer of choice.  We offer free no-obligation coin appraisals, offer flexible hours to fit your busy schedule, and always strive to offer you the most whether you’re buying or selling coins.  Give us a call today at 404-236-9744 and let us earn your business!

Tony Davis
Tony Davis