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How Coin Dealers Compare to Stock Brokers & Financial Planners

How Coin Dealers Compare to Stock Brokers & Financial Planners In the world of investing, there are basically three different levels of service that are available to the general public. For folks that are well versed in stocks, portfolio diversification and investment strategies, they may only need the services of a discount broker, such as […]

What Gold and Silver Items are Useful for Barter & Trade

silver coin barter table

Gold and Silver Coins Useful for Daily Transactions   While it might seem silly today, using silver coins and even small gold pieces for daily transactions is a more realistic scenario than many people might think. In today’s geopolitical roulette, previously followed norms are being broken almost every week and the potential for an international […]

The Federal Reserve Announcements and The Impact on Gold & Silver Prices

Jerome Powell and Volker federal reserve

The Federal Reserve Announcements and Their Impact on Gold & Silver Prices The Federal Reserve’s reports and announcements can have a significant impact on gold and silver prices. At the time of writing this Tip of the Week, the Fed’s most recent report focuses on the Current Employment stats and can be found HERE. Here’s […]

Precious Metals Prepper Package

precious metals prepper package

Please complete the form below or give us a call directly at 404-236-9744 to purchase a PMPP.  PMPP Precious Metals Prepper Package Order Form Name(Required) First Last Email(Required) Enter Email Confirm Email Address(Required) City State / Province / Region ZIP / Postal Code Payment Options (Select One)(Required) Cash Cashier’s Check Zelle Venmo CashApp Split between […]

Avoid Herd Mentality When it Comes to the Stock Market & Buying Coins

Herd mentality, sheeple

Avoid a Herd Mentality When it Comes to Both the Stock Market and Buying or Selling Coins Acceptance is a powerful motivating factor that affects many aspects of our lives. We all want to be accepted, and we want those around us to affirm that we’re making wise decisions. If we break with the crowd […]

Why We’re Accepting Fiat Currency for Real Money – Precious Metals

Fiat collapse gold and silver coins

We occasionally get asked by our customers why we’re willing to accept depreciating fiat currency in the form of dollars for valuable real money in the form of precious metals, most notably gold and silver. In fact, this question, among others, was recently asked by one of our newsletter subscribers (subscribe here, if interested). Here […]

Atlanta Gold & Coin Buyers, Rare Coin Guide

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