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Cheapest Gold & Silver Bullion – Cheaper is not Always Better

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The Cheapest Gold & Silver Isn’t Necessarily the Best

Multiple times a week, we receive phone calls from prospective customers that are interested in the cheapest gold and silver that we have available. They claim that gold is gold and silver is silver and in the event of a market collapse, people won’t care what type of image is on the coin or bar.

This is certainly one way to approach buying precious metals, and may ultimately be profitable for some investors, but we’re of the opinion that the cheapest option isn’t always the best option. From our perspective, it’s important to deal in items that are recognizable, liquid and widely traded so that you’ll have a broad market when the time comes to sell.

Even in a worst-case scenario involving the complete collapse of the dollar and financial system, folks are going to be more apt to accept a coin or bullion that they recognize versus one that they don’t.

On the flip side, it’s not necessary to limit your purchases to the one or two most popular items, especially if they’re substantially more expensive than their counterparts. Stick with items from recognized producers of gold and silver bullion or well-known and recognized mints, such as the  U.S. Canadian, UK, South African, Australian,

South African Krugerrand
South African Mint, 1oz Gold Krugerrand

Chinese, Austrian as Mexican mint, and you should be well positioned for whatever the future may hold.

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