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Professional Coin Appraisal

Looking for a coin appraisal? Atlanta Gold & Coin Buyers offers several different types of appraisals of your coins, bullion, and paper currency. Stop scrolling through page after page online and allow us to help you decide the best appraisal method for you and provide you with a trusted valuation.

If you’re suddenly in the market to sell after learning of your coin collections value, we will also provide you with a competitive offer for your coin collection.


Why, or When, You May Need a Coin Appraisal

Coin appraisals can serve many different purposes. Over the years, we’ve identified a few different types of coin appraisals that fit most needs.

  • Informational – In some cases, an individual(s) may simply be curious as to what their coins, or coin collection, is worth. You can spend hours trying to research your coins online, but until you have a professional evaluate your collection, it’s impossible to know for certain.
  • Insurance – Most insurance companies require that a professional appraisal be conducted on your coin collection before they’ll agree to extend coverage for your valuables. We frequently perform insurance-related appraisals.
  • Estate – This is possibly the most common appraisal that we provide. Typically, we find that when family members pass on, the heirs or beneficiaries of the estate require an appraisal to assess the value. Afterwards, they can then determine if selling the estate collection or distribution of the coins to the heirs best serves their needs.
  • Probate – While somewhat related to an estate appraisal, most estates that are in probate require an appraisal (sometimes more than one) before the judge will approve the sale of the assets. Depending on your situation, the court may approve the immediate sale of your items or may delay the sale based on the complexity of the estate.

Coin Appraisals We Offer

Once we’ve assessed your collection, we will provide our quote, which will be honored for up to 24 hours **Please note that exceptions may apply on market sensitive items.**

If the collection consists of items that we regularly purchase and you decide to sell us the collection within that time, you will be reimbursed for the cost of the appraisal. Paid appraisals are typically provided after regular business hours and on some Saturdays.

Atlanta Gold & Coin Buyers is known as one of the most competitive and transparent coin dealers in the Atlanta metro area. Contact us today at 404-236-9744 to schedule your in-person appraisal or request a quote by phone.


Sell a Coin Collection


  If you already know that you want to sell a coin collection:


  1. Take a look at our What We Pay page to view our up to the minute buy rates for most coins that we purchase

  2. If our prices are agreeable to you, give us a call or fill out our Request an Appointment form to lock in a day and time that works well for you to come to our Johns Creek location.

  3.  For more information, view our Coin Collection page

Paid Appraisal with Intent to Sell

  • If you plan on selling your coins but would like to know more information about the coins that are in your collection, this may be the option for you and is the most common appraisal that we provide. This option is only available if the collection meets our minimum threshold for purchase and are coins that we purchase regularly. To know what coins we regularly purchase, visit our What We Buy Once you’re ready to schedule your appraisal, you can either drop off the collection for our team to evaluate and then sit down with us to discuss the results or we can complete the appraisal with you while you wait.

    For the best experience possible, it is extremely helpful if you can provide us with a basic inventory list of the coins in your collection. This can be in the form of a Google or Microsoft file, such as Word or Excel. Doing so allows us to complete the appraisal more quickly and thoroughly. We prefer this to be emailed (sales@atlantagoldandcoin.com) prior to your appointment.

    Details to note:

  • Types of coins in the collection
  • Marked coin weight (¼ oz, ½ oz, etc.)
  • Denomination ($5, $10, $20) and
  • Quantity of each coin

For the appraisal with intent to sell option, we evaluate your collection in detail and provide you with line-by-line itemized appraisal form for your files. You will then have the option to consider our offer for 24 hours or choose to sell immediately following the evaluation. However, if you choose not to sell at the time of your appointment, the standard appraisal fee of $250 per hour (one hour minimum) will apply at the conclusion of your appointment.

Also keep in mind, if you chose to wait, prices for market sensitive items may need to be adjusted based on the market at the time you choose to sell.

Remember, our appraisal fee of $250 per hour (with a one hour minimum) will apply if you choose not to sell your coins at the time of your appraisal.

Standard Paid Appraisal

  • We provide detailed, line-by-line itemized appraisals for large coin collections at the rate of $250 per hour with a one-hour minimum. This is a common option for large collections, collections in probate or collections handled by an estate.

    The time required to appraise a collection will vary depending on the total number of items, the organization of the coins, and whether there are uncommon coins that require additional research. Providing us with a simple, itemized list with each type of coin and how many of each can help us cut down on the time and cost of your appraisal.

    For more details on how to prepare your coin collection for an appraisal, check out our “Ultimate Guide to a Successful Estate Coin Collection Appraisal” for more information and tips!

The 24 hour period in which to decide or sell immediately following the evaluation applies here as well. However, if you choose to wait, the standard appraisal fee of $250 per hour (one hour minimum) will apply at the conclusion of your appointment. Prices for market sensitive items may need to be adjusted based on the market at the time you choose to sell.

If you choose to sell your collection at the conclusion of your appraisal, the items meet our minimum threshold purchase amount and they are items we typically purchase, the appraisal fee may be waived in part or in full depending on the size and value of the collection.

Paid Off-Site Appraisal

  • In most cases, we are able and willing to travel for off-site coin appraisals. Off-site appraisals may be in state or out of state. Most off-site appraisals are conducted on Saturdays.

    Our rate for off-site appraisals is $350 per hour or $3,500 for a full day (8 – 10 hours). Additional fees, including travel to and from the appraisal location, mileage, and time to prepare a formal written appraisal (if not completed onsite), will apply.

    Lodging and meals (for multi-day appraisals) and flights (for out of state appraisals) are not included in the fee and will be charged separately.

All on-site paid appraisals are typically scheduled late afternoons Monday thru Thursday, after regular business hours and on some Saturdays. An additional fee of $100 per hour will apply for on-site appraisals conducted over the weekend.

Virtual Paid Appraisal

  • In recent years, we’ve added virtual appraisals to our menu of options. This is in response to the many estate attorneys and customers who are located in more rural areas where it may not be feasible for them to transport the collection to our offices in Johns Creek.

    These appraisals require a bit more effort on the owner’s end, as we typically need a detailed inventory list and high-resolution pictures of the items to properly evaluate the collection. At times, video or additional images may be needed to determine the approximate value of certain coins.

    Once the collection has been evaluated, you will receive a line-by-line itemized list of your collection along with the assessed value that will be emailed upon payment in full. In addition, we will schedule a short phone consult to discuss the results of your appraisal and answer any questions, if needed. The appraisal fee for virtual paid appraisals is $250 per hour with a one hour minimum.

You still have the 24 hour consideration period or to sell immediately following the evaluation. However, due to the nature of this type of appraisal, the fee is due prior to the results being released to you.

If you choose to sell your collection at the conclusion of your appraisal, the items meet our minimum threshold purchase amount and they are items we typically purchase, the appraisal fee may be refunded in part or in full depending on the size and value of the collection.

Limited Website Quote

  • We pride ourselves on being one of the only coin dealers in Atlanta to provide our buying rates right on our website.

    If you know the types of coins in your collection, visit our What We Pay page to find our current rates for many different types of standard coins, bullion, bars, and rounds that we frequently purchase. Our prices are updated every few minutes throughout the day so that you can be confident in their accuracy.

Limited Phone or Email Quote

  • While we list prices on our website for some of the more common coins and bullion that we deal in, it’s impossible to account for the thousands of U.S. and foreign coins that have been issued, not to mention rare or collectible coins.

    If your coin isn’t listed, we’re happy to provide you with a verbal quote over the phone. Prefer to communicate via email? No worries. You can reach us at sales@atlantagoldandcoin.com. Simply provide as many details as possible such as the year, type, denomination, mintmark, condition, grade, and third-party grading service, if applicable. Don’t forget, a photo says a thousand words as well. So, if you have photos of the coin(s) in question, attach those as well for more detailed information.

    Considering we offer this option as a free service to our customers, we can only provide you with complimentary pricing on no more than 3 coins

    Please allow up to a 2 business day turnaround time for this complimentary service.

Additionally, if the coin requires a good deal of research, and is not a coin that we purchase or specialize in, we may not be able to assist with a free quote. However, we won’t know until we have an understanding of what coins you have in your collection.

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