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Professional Coin Appraisals

Atlanta Gold & Coin Buyers offers several different types of appraisals of your coins, bullion, and paper currency. We can help you decide the best appraisal method for you and provide you with trusted valuation and top dollar offers.

What Is a Coin Appraisal?

Coin appraising is a process by which a coin dealer assesses your coin or coin collection to determine its market value. Appraisals are conducted using professional expertise and reliable market resources. Coin values are determined based on:

  • Rarity
  • Year
  • Mint location
  • Condition
  • Value of the metal

The Types of Coin Appraisals

Atlanta Gold & Coin Buyers offers many types of appraisals for your convenience.

  • Free Website Quote: We pride ourselves on being one of the only coin dealers in Atlanta to provide our buying rates right on our website. Visit our What We Pay page to find our current rates for many different types of coins, bullion, bars, and rounds that we frequently purchase. Our prices are updated every few minutes throughout the day so that you can be confident in their accuracy.
  • Free Phone or Email Quote: While we list prices on our website for common date coins and bullion, some items may have numismatic or collectible value and require a few more details before we can provide an accurate quote. We give phone quotes for coins professionally graded by third-party grading services—such as PCGS or NGC—if we have the grading service, the grade assigned, year, mintmark, type, size, and any other distinguishing details. These details could include markings such as “First Strike” or “proof-like.”

If you’re not sure exactly which type of coin you have, you can email us a high-quality picture of the front and back of the coin to so that we can identify it for you and provide you with a trusted quote. We usually reply via email or phone within 24 hours; however, emails sent after hours or on weekends or holidays may require more time.

  • Complimentary Appraisal With Intent to Sell: If you intend on selling your coins, and the coins meet our minimum criteria for purchase, we will evaluate them in detail, provide an item-by-item appraisal, and provide you with up to 24 hours in which to make a decision. We can complete the appraisal while you wait, or you can pick it up at a later date or time. Please note that it’s extremely helpful to us if you provide us with a basic inventory, preferably in the form of an Excel spreadsheetso that we can complete the appraisal more quickly. Details to note include the types of coins in the collection, the size and denomination, and how many of each there are. Please note that an appraisal fee of $150 per hour, subject to a one hour minimum, will apply if you choose not to sell your coins at the time of your appraisal.


  • Paid Appraisal – At our Johns Creek, GA Location: We provide formal, written appraisals for large coin collections at the rate of $150 per hour, subject to a one-hour minimum. The time required to appraise a collection will vary depending on the total number of items, the organization of the coins, and whether there are uncommon coins that we need to research. Providing us with a simple, itemized list with each type of coin and how many of each there are can help us cut down on the time and cost of your appraisal.

  • Paid Appraisal  – Off Site: In most cases, we are able and willing to travel for off-site coin appraisals. Most off-site appraisals are conducted on Saturdays. Our rate for off-site appraisals is $200 per hour or $2,000 for a full day (8 – 10 hours). Additional fees, including travel to and from the appraisal location, mileage, and time to prepare a formal written appraisal (if not completed onsite), will apply.  Lodging and meals (for multi-day appraisals) and flights (for out of state appraisals) are not included in the fee and will be charged separately.

Once we’ve assessed your collection, we will provide our quote, which will be honored for up to 24 hours. If the collection consists of items that we regularly purchase and you decide to sell us the collection within that time, you will be reimbursed for the cost of the appraisal. Paid appraisals are typically provided after regular business hours and on some Saturdays.

Atlanta Gold & Coin Buyers is known as one of the most competitive and transparent coin dealers in the Atlanta metro area. Contact us today at 404-236-9744 to schedule your in-person appraisal or request a quote by phone.

What Our Clients Are Saying

‘My experience in dealing with Atlanta Gold and Coin was nothing less than awesome. In the past I have dealt with many dealers and always felt as though I got taken advantage of. Atlanta gold and coin is the only dealer I will ever deal with again. They took the time to educate me on my items I had, as well as gave me a more than fair price for them. After doing business with them, I feel satisfied, educated and most importantly I feel I made a friend and a life long business contact.’ – Ryan & Sarah