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Coin Collectors in Atlanta, Georgia – What to Look For!

While coin collectors in Atlanta, Georgia are more commonly referred to as coin dealers, searching for coin collectors intuitively makes sense, and in fact, these are the type of individuals to whom you would like to sell your old, rare, gold, silver, and platinum coins and bullion.

Why would you want to sell your coins to a coin collector? The answer is simple. These are individuals that are in the business of buying, selling, trading and collecting coins for the love of the hobby – not purely for financial gain. While earning a profit is a goal of any for-profit business, coin dealers who are coin collectors at heart are more likely to pay you a fair value for your coins.

Why would coin collectors pay a higher price for your coins than other individuals in the industry? For one, they know, understand, and respect the hobby and can appreciate a low mintage or key date coin for what it is; a rare piece of American history. These individuals regularly purchase coins to add to their personal collections, so the idea of seeing a hard to find or rare coin is exciting to them.

Coin collectors also understand different grades of coins and how they can affect the price of the coins. The difference between one or two grades of particular coins can make a substantial difference in the value of some coins, so it’s imperative that you sell your old coins or coin collection to a coin expert – someone who can evaluate and appraise your coins correctly.

While most coins that are bought and sold are common date gold and silver bullion coins, which sell close to the gold and silver content in the coins, there are plenty of old and rare coins included in coin collections – especially those that have been passed down through the generations. Coins that were only worth a few dollars 50 – 100 years ago can potentially be worth upwards of hundreds of dollars today, so don’t take your chances with just any coin buyer.

Once you’ve located ethical coin collectors in Atlanta, Georgia who have earned a reputation as paying industry leading rates, you’ll be well on your way to receive the full value when you sell your coin collection. These individuals are not only coin experts, but they have a passion for the industry, and are typically more than happy to discuss your coins with you and answer any questions that you might have.
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Tony Davis
Tony Davis