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Are You Selling Foreign Coins? We’re Foreign Coin Buyers!

Another frequently asked question we receive is: “Does Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers purchase foreign coins and currency?”  The answer is “yes,” but only foreign coins that contain silver and gold content, as the market is somewhat limited for international coins.  We come across all types of international coins in our dealings, but the most common, in our experience, are coins from Canada, Mexico and Great Britain.  We’ll discuss coins from each of these countries below in further detail.

Canadian coins, by far, are the most common coins that we see.  In fact, you’ve probably received at some point in time as change a Canadian dime, quarter, or half dollar.  Our interest lies in Canadian dimes, quarters, half dollars, and silver dollars that were minted prior to 1968, including silver and gold Canadian Maple Leaf coins.  Canadian dimes, quarters, and half dollars minted from 1900 – 1919 contain 92.5% silver, and coins minted after 1920 through 1967 contain 80% silver content.  Silver dollars weren’t minted until 1935, and contain the same silver content as post 1919 silver coins.  The Canadian government currently issues gold and silver Canadian Maple Leafs, which are .999 fine.

Mexico is home of the second most frequent foreign coins that we see, most likely due to the close proximity of Mexico to the United States.  Silver was a mainstay in Mexican coinage for a number of years.  The last year Mexican pesos contained silver was 1977; however, the silver content of Mexican pesos declined beginning in 1918, until the coins were completely debased of silver in 1978.   Mexican silver and gold libertad coins, which are .999 fine coins, are issued by the Mexican government, and are still being minted; however,   the most popular of the Mexican gold coins is the 50 peso gold coin, which was issued in 1947.  This coin contains .900 fine gold, and weighs 1.2 troy ounces – which is 20% larger than most other sovereign issued coins.

While not intuitive, the third most common coins that we see are from Great Britain.  This is most likely due to the fairly large contingent of British citizens in the U.S., and immigration, as many Americans can trace their roots back to Great Britain and other European countries.  As is the case with Mexican silver coins, and most other government issued coins, the silver content of British coins was reduced over time.  Some of the more common British coins containing silver content include Threepences, Sixpences, Shillings, Florins, Half Crowns, Double Florins, and Crowns.  Prior to 1920, British silver coins contained 92.5% silver, which is commonly referred to as sterling silver.  From 1920 – 1946, British coins contained 50% silver content, after which time the coins were completely debased of silver, with the exception of Maundy coins, which contain .925 pure silver.  Sovereign British coins are still issued to this day, which vary in gold and silver fineness; although, they tend to be less than .999 fine.

We’ll discuss gold and silver coins from other countries in the future, but hopefully the above information will help you to identify some of the foreign coins that we’re buying.  Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers has a wide selection of foreign coins available, so if you’re in the market to buy or sell your gold and silver foreign coins, give us a call at 404-236-9744 to schedule a free no-obligation evaluation, and let us earn your business!

Tony Davis
Tony Davis