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Don’t Sell Silver Coins Until You Contact a Silver Coin Expert

When selling silver coins, it’s important to do your due diligence to receive the best price for your silver bullion, so we recommend that you don’t sell silver coins until you’ve contacted one of Atlanta’s leading silver coin dealers, Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers.

What do you need to know before you sell silver coins?  It’s important to know that not all silver coin dealers are created equally, and that very few coin dealers will pay you the full value for your silver coins.

When you sell silver coins, many silver coin buyers will merely pay you a percentage of the melt value regardless of the year, condition, and mintage of your silver coins.  While this is par for the course when selling junk silver coins (90% silver coins that contain no collectible or numismatic value), this shouldn’t be standard protocol – especially when some of your silver coins may have value above and beyond the melt value of the coins.

A good rule of thumb is that any Seated Liberty dimes, quarters, half dollars, and silver dollars, or earlier minted coins, contain collectible value above and beyond the silver value of the coins.  Also, Carson City Morgan silver dollars, which can be identified by “CC” stamp, sell for a premium.  Additionally, other Morgan and Peace silver dollars, as well as other coin types, that are low mintage coins, will sell for a premium.  Lastly, Morgan and Peace silver dollars in uncirculated condition, especially in choice uncirculated condition, sell for their numismatic value.

Reputable silver coin dealers will help you to identify the silver coins in your coin collection that are worth above and beyond their silver content so that you can maximize the value when you sell silver coins.  If the silver coin buyer that you’re working with doesn’t appear to have an understanding of the collectible value of silver coins, and there’s the possibility that you have some of these coins in your coin collection, you should consider moving on.

Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers, a reputable Atlanta based national silver coin dealer, will help you to receive the best price when you sell your silver coins.  We’ll not only pay more than the competition for your common date silver coins, but we’ll also pay you the full value for your collectible or numismatic coins.   Contact us today at 404-236-9744 or via e-mail at to schedule a free no-obligation coin appraisal.


Tony Davis
Tony Davis