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Don’t Sell Your Coin Collection in Atlanta to Just Anyone!

When it comes time to sell your coin collection in Atlanta, it’s important that you select an experienced and highly reputable coin dealer to receive top dollar for your coins.  Whether you have old, rare, gold, silver, or platinum coins and bullion, there are coin dealers that can properly evaluate and appraise your collection.

Once you’ve determined that selling your coin collection to a coin dealer is the best option, the next step is to find an experienced and reputable coin dealer to whom you can sell your collection.  Conducting business with coin dealers that are rated and regulated by third party agencies help to increase your chances of being treated fairly.

First and foremost, the coin dealer with whom you’re considering selling your collection should be in good standing with the Better Business Bureau.  The Better Business Bureau provides individuals with the ability to check the rating of companies online.  If the coin dealer has a number of outstanding claims or is in regular violation of the rules and regulations established by the BBB, your best bet is to move on to a more reputable company.

Affiliations with other industry rated organizations, such as the American Numismatic Association, are also a positive sign.  This typically means that the coin dealer is not only committed to the guidelines established by the organization, but that they also are committed to continued learning and development in the industry, which ultimately benefits their consumers.

Once you’ve vetted your coin dealer, and feel comfortable with who you’re dealing with, it’s important to determine how they arrive at their prices.  If they merely scan your collection and provide you with a quote without thoroughly inspecting the items, then there’s a good chance that you’re not receiving the full value for your coin collection in Atlanta.

Determining the methodology that a coin dealer uses is just as important as the prices quoted. The goal of coin dealers should be to share and impart their knowledge as opposed to using their expertise to their advantage.  Unless the coin dealer in Atlanta is able to explain how they arrive at their quoted prices, they probably aren’t the right coin dealer for you.

When selling your coin collection in Atlanta, we recommend that you first contact Atlanta Gold & Coin Buyers.  We’re a highly experienced and reputable coin dealer that puts the interests of our customers first.  We’ve earned a reputation as being not only one of the top paying coin dealers in the industry, but also for offering incomparable customer service.  We look forward to hearing from you and earning your business.

Tony Davis
Tony Davis