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Don’t Settle for Less When Buying or Selling Silver Coins in Atlanta

These days we’re hearing more and more from people interested in buying or selling silver coins at competitive rates, but that are having a difficult time finding the right Atlanta coin dealer.  Not all coin dealers in Atlanta are created alike, so it’s important that you due your due diligence when buying or selling silver coins.

If selling silver coins in Atlanta, is the silver coin dealer with whom you’re working upfront with respect to the rates that they’re willing to offer?  As mentioned previously, the best approach is for the coin dealer to post their buying rates online so that there’s no question what they’re willing to pay.  Furthermore, it helps you to comparison shop to make sure that you’re receiving the best prices when you sell your silver coins.

If for some reason they don’t have their current rates posted online, then a simple phone call should provide you with what you’re looking for.  Some Atlanta coin dealers won’t quote you a price over the phone and instead will ask you to come in so that they can evaluate your coins.  Don’t fall for this trick, as coin dealers in Atlanta should be able to quote you a price contingent upon a review and inspection of the coins. 

On the other hand, when buying silver coins in Atlanta, you want to make sure that you’re buying coins at the most competitive rates.  While most coin dealers don’t post their selling rates online, a simple phone call should be enough to obtain this information.  Again, if you’re not able to obtain this information over the phone, continue to contact coin dealers until you’re able to obtain this information.

When it comes to buying rates, or rather the rates at which coin dealers are selling silver coins, you should target coin dealers that are willing to sell silver dimes, quarters, and half dollars at no more than a 5% premium over the melt value of the coins.  Oftentimes you’ll receive a quote that is a muliple of face value.  To determine the actual price per coin, multiply the face value rate by the denomination of the coin.  For instance, a selling rate of 23 times face value, would translate into silver dimes selling for $2.30 (23 x .10).

A coin dealer that offers competitive rates, whether you’re buying or selling silver coins in Atlanta is Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers.  Not only do we post our buying rates online and place a large emphasis on transparency, but we also offer top notch customer service and the most flexible hours in the industry.  Contact us today at or at 404-236-9744 to schedule a free-no obligation appointment.  We look forward to hearing from you and earning your business!

Tony Davis
Tony Davis