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Don’t Sell Your Silver Coins in Atlanta for Less Than Their Full Value – Read Further!

Considering that the price of silver is nearly three times higher than it was just a few years ago, you might be in the market to sell silver coins, but it’s important to know that not all silver coin dealers in Atlanta are created equally, as there are a few factors that can come into play in determining the value of your silver coins.  In this post, we’re going to address the most common factors that affect the price of silver coins.

Probably the most influential factor affecting the value of silver coins is the number minted or their rarity.  Rare silver coins, even if in less than ideal condition, can still sell for a premium, so it’s important to have an idea as to the rarity or number of coins minted.  While it’s common to see 19th century silver coins in lower mintages, some of the more recently minted silver coins can also sell for a premium, such as the 1932-D and 1932-S Washington Quarters and the 1938-D Walking Liberty half dollar. It’s important that you don’t just sell your silver coins to anyone, but to a silver coin dealer in Atlanta who is able to help you identify the coins that are worth more than their silver content.

The age and survivorship of your silver coins also largely impact the value of your silver coins.  Many U.S. coins that were minted in the late 1700’s and early 1800’s, while in relatively high mintage at the time, are no longer in existence for various reasons, such as the coins being misplaced, melted, or severely defaced; oftentimes to make jewelry.  Regardless as to the number minted, you can be sure that a silver dollar from the late 1700’s three centuries later isn’t very common and will sell for a premium.

While the age, rarity and survivorship largely impacts the value of silver coins, the condition of the coin can have just as much of a factor, if not more so, in determining the value of your silver coins.  For instance, some Morgan silver dollars are high mintage coins, but because of the weak strike of some of the coins at various mints, it can be difficult to find a coin in choice uncirculated condition.  It’s possible to have a common date coin with a mintage of well over a million that sells for a substantial premium simply due to the condition and strike of the coin.  Additionally, while average circulated condition common date silver dollars may sell in the high teens or low twenties, uncirculated varieties can sell for a good bit over the melt value of the coins.

If you’re in search of a silver coin dealer in Atlanta to whom you can sell silver coins for their full value, look no further than Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers.   Not only do we pay a premium for old, rare, and low mintage silver coins, but without prompting, we’ll help you to identify these coins so that you can receive the best price for your silver coins.  We’re not only coin experts, but are a reputable coin dealer in Atlanta that puts the interests of our customers first.

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Tony Davis
Tony Davis