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Don’t Waste Time Searching Bulk 90% Junk Silver Coins for Key Dates

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Don’t Waste Time Searching Bulk 90% Junk Silver Coins for Key Dates

As a high-volume coin and bullion dealer, we purchase thousands of pounds of bulk 90% junk silver coins a year. Specifically, these are 90% silver dimes, quarters and half dollars issued in 1964 and earlier. Many of our customers ask if we’ll be looking at the dates of the coins to determine if they have more valuable coins.

In most cases, the answer

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is “no” simply because finding a rare or key date coin in bulk silver is like finding a needle in a haystack or winning the lottery. When we first began our business, much like many of our customers, we spent a considerable amount of time searching coins looking for key dates. After realizing it was an act of futility, we threw in the towel and realized that this wasn’t a good use of time and energy.

Is it possible to find a diamond in the rough? Sure. On occasion, folks win the lottery, but the likelihood is very slim. We’ve prepared a Rare Coin Guide for those individuals that have the time and/or patience to search for key date coins in advance of their appointment.

US 90% Silver Coins

To be clear, we’re specifically referring to bulk 90% junk silver coins in canvas bags or that have been previously rolled. We’re not referring to high end condition or key date coins that have been placed in 2×2 holders or that have been encapsulated. Nor are we referring to Morgan or Peace silver dollars, as there’s a greater likelihood of finding a better date coin or at least a higher-end condition coin that will sell at a premium.

Our bulk silver coin comments are applicable to the following 90% silver coins that are most frequently sold in bulk: Roosevelt silver dimes, Mercury silver dimes, Standing Liberty silver quarters, Washington silver quarters, Walking Liberty silver half dollars, Franklin half dollars & 1964 Kennedy half dollars. Most Barber silver dimes, quarters and half dollars also trade as “junk silver,” or very close to it, but it’s possible to find some that may trade for more than their silver content if they are in higher-end condition.

Our comments also don’t apply to Seated Liberty dimes, quarters and half dollars or earlier, as these coins trade for above their silver value. A1864 Seated Liberty Half Dollar good rule of thumb is coins issued in 1891 and earlier are worth setting aside, as you shouldn’t settle for junk silver rates on these coins even if you have a “bulk” collection available for sale. In general, they were produced in smaller quantities and are more difficult to come by than the other coins noted above.

We hope this “Tip of the Week” was helpful with respect to determining where to spend your time and effort while organizing a silver coin collection. If you have any questions, give the silver coin experts at Atlanta Gold & Coin Buyers a call at 404-236-9744.

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