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Exciting New Inventory of Gold Coins for Sale in Atlanta

Gold Coins for Sale
$20 Liberty Head Gold Coin

Atlanta Gold & Coin Buyers has been busy purchasing gold coins over the holiday weekend and has a number of brand new gold coins for sale that we’re offering at industry leading rates.  Since we’ve recently acquired several different types of gold coins, we’ll address each individually below.

For individuals who have been waiting for us to acquire South African gold krugerrands, your wait is over!  We recently added five ounce ounce gold krugerrands to our inventory that are in brand new condition.  These coins have been difficult to come by as of late, and based on the number of people who have requested to be notified when we receive these coins in stock, we don’t expect them to last long.

Secondly, we’ve added some additional one ounce American gold eagles to our stock.  While we’ve had a slightly easier time keeping these coins in stock, historically, they’ve been the most sought after gold coins that we carry.  Considering that the price of gold is at $1,224 (as of this writing), this is a great time to acquire gold coins at a reasonable price.

Thirdly, we were fortunate to acquire a couple of uncirculated $20 Liberty Head gold coins over the weekend, which are in high demand by coin collectors and gold investors, alike.  Because of their rarity and condition, these coins sell at a slightly higher premium that the other aforementioned gold coin offerings, but they are still very reasonably priced and can be purchased at a lower price than anytime over the past three years.

Lastly, we have some 20 peso and 50 peso Mexican gold coins, a 100 gram Credit Suisse gold bar, some fractional American gold eagle coins, MS69 American gold eagles, and a few additional numismatic gold coin offerings, such as $2.50 and $5 Indian Head and Liberty Head gold coins that we’re offering at competitive rates.

Atlanta Gold & Coin Buyers is your gold coin headquarters in Atlanta.  Give us a call today at 404-236-9744 and reserve your gold bullion coins while supplies last! We look forward to hearing from you and earning your business.

Tony Davis
Tony Davis