Off time - no update Gold Coin Demand Strengthens Even as Gold Futures Market Tanks

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Gold Coin Demand Strengthens Even as Gold Futures Market Tanks

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This past week was one of significance for precious metals, as gold dropped to its lowest levels in two and a half years . The large sell off in the gold futures market began with statements from the Fed’s Chairman alluding to a slowdown in their quantitative easing plan later in the year. Once the stock market and precious metals market began to slide, shorts and margin calls were triggered, which further exacerbated the sell-off. While the futures market would indicate that investors have turned bearish toward gold, that clearly wasn’t the case in the physical gold market, as demand soared in many parts of the world, including Asia, as evidenced in part by the following articles: Gold’s 6% Fall Leads To Surge In Chinese & Asian Physical Demand Again and Gold coins still a major draw in India.

Demand for physical gold bullion in the U.S. also increased, and has been relatively strong during 2013. In fact, April of this year marks the U.S. Mint’s highest monthly total of gold sales since December of 2009, with sales of 209,500 ounces of gold coins. Performance for May was also strong, and June may prove to be the top gold coin sales month this year in light of the sharp drop in price earlier this week.

As a leading coin dealer in Atlanta, we received numerous requests this week from individuals interested in acquiring gold coins at a significant discount. As expected, many of the individuals that we heard from are regular customers who routinely purchase gold and silver coins from us. They understand that regular, disciplined investing is the best strategy for long term wealth accumulation.

In addition to our regular customers, we also heard from a significant number of first time buyers. This is encouraging because it shows that individuals who have historically remained on the sidelines due to fear of buying in an unstable market are venturing out to take advantage of tremendous buying opportunities. Typically, people want to be certain that the market is not going to continue on a downhill slide after they invest. However, waiting for an upward trend in gold prices usually means that some of the best buying opportunities are lost.

We believe that the best strategy is to determine your overall reason for buying gold coins and keep that goal in mind as you commit to a regular, disciplined investment plan. A dip in gold prices offers the opportunity to purchase gold at great prices. And purchasing from Atlanta Gold & Coin Buyers, regardless of what the market is currently doing, allows you to purchase at the best prices around.

Tony Davis
Tony Davis