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Gold Continues to Perform Well – Is Now the Time to Sell Your Gold Coins?

The price of gold has continued to perform well in recent months – even during the recent pullback in the silver market, causing many people to question if now is a good time to sell their gold coins.

While it’s impossible to time the market, or to know for certain where the future price of gold lies, the fact of the matter is that gold is near it’s all time high, and is approximately at twice the level it was when gold previously reached its high of $800 an ounce in 1980.

Several factors have come into play with the recent upswing in the price of gold, including substantial deficits, sovereign debt concerns, instability in the stock market, and easy monetary policies, causing many people to seek a safe haven and a store of wealth, making it a good time for many people to consider selling their gold coins.

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Tony Davis
Tony Davis