Guidelines to Consider When You Sell Silver Dollars in Atlanta

As you may know, the price of silver has increased nearly 300% over the past few years, making it an ideal time to sell silver dollars in Atlanta.  Even if you purchased your silver dollars prior to the beginning of 2011, there’s a high likelihood that you’re sitting on a substantial unrealized gain that you might be interested in cashing out.

However, before you begin the process of selling silver dollars in Atlanta, there are several rules of thumb that you may want to follow so that you receive the most when you sell silver dollars.  Firstly, the Atlanta coin dealer that you’re considering doing business with should be a member of the BBB.  This will help to protect you from some of the fly-by-night pawn shops, “we buy gold” stores, and coin dealers that have recently opened to take advantage of the increase in the price of precious metals.

Secondly, we recommend that you should only sell silver dollars to coin dealers in Atlanta that have an established reputation.  While the Better Business Bureau is an excellent resource to utilize, it’s possible to also obtain the reputation of a coin dealer by doing a simple search in one of the major search engines.  If you type the name of the company followed by “reviews,” “ratings,” or “complaints,” you should be able to obtain reviews and testimonials provided by previous customers.  While it’s difficult to please everyone, a pattern of negative reviews or complaints should raise a red flag.

Thirdly, the coin dealer’s website is an excellent resource, and one that should be researched prior to conducting business with the Atlanta coin dealer.  A website should be thorough and share with you the company’s philosophy and values.  It should be easy to understand, navigate, and be informative.  Lastly, ideally, the website will post the current rates that the coin dealer is willing to pay for your silver dollars and other coins.  If you don’t get a good feeling from the coin dealer’s website, you may want to consider looking elsewhere.

Fourthly, we recommend that you consider having a discussion with the coin dealer in Atlanta that you’re considering before you sell your silver dollars.   A brief phone call with a representative of the coin dealer in Atlanta can tell you a good bit about the company.  The individual answering the phone should be friendly and willing to assist with any questions that you might have.

On a related note, the individual that you speak with should be willing and able to provide you with quotes over the phone when you sell silver dollars.  While it’s understandable that the quote will only be binding upon inspection of the items, you should have a general idea as to the prices that the coin dealer in Atlanta is willing to pay.  If you come across a coin dealer who is unwilling to provide you with a quote in advance of your visit, you should look elsewhere, as any reputable and knowledgeable coin dealer should provide you with a rough idea as to what you can expect for your coins.

Lastly, when selling silver dollars in Atlanta, consider doing business with a family owned and operated coin dealership.  Family owned and operated companies typically have more knowledge and experience than corporate run companies, as they generally have a passion for the field that they’ve selected.  Furthermore, they’ll spend the time needed to answer your questions and are typically willing to offer free evaluations and coin appraisals, which isn’t the case with all coin dealers.

Hopefully the above tips and guidelines will help you to identify the right coin dealer for you when selling your silver dollars in Atlanta.

Tony Davis
Tony Davis