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Highlights From the World’s Fair of Money

The World’s Fair of Money in Denver, Colorado took place in the first week of August and showcased some captivating appearances and collections that would make any coin collector stop to take a look. Here are the most significant highlights from the event.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Example of South African Gold Kruggerand offered at Atlanta Gold & Coin The World’s Fair of Money kicked off with a ribbon cutting ceremony to formally begin the event. Collector and author Jeff Garret ceremoniously opened the doors to the event and cut the ribbon, ushering in the beginning of the 2017 event. Garret has an extensive repertoire of coin knowledge, and he addressed the eager crowd on this first day.

An Expansive Coin Selection

Of course, the fair wouldn’t be anything if it didn’t allow collectors to experience the amazing historical coins firsthand. The fair boasted rare coins and currency, which ranged from $100,000 bills to a nickel worth $3 million! In addition to having the best numismatic inventory anywhere, the fair offered lectures and seminars and allowed attendants to view items from the ANA Money Museum and private collections — truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Krugerrand Day

The second formal day of The World’s Fair of Money was Krugerrand Day in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Gold Krugerrand and the creation of the first Silver Krugerrand. These iconic coins were released and displayed for the long-time collectors who populated the event. These coins are especially popular with collectors due to their limited production (1,000,000), a 50 year anniversary privy mark and attractive packaging, which includes a plastic capsule and COA.

Rick Harrison Meet and Greet

New members of the coin collecting community may actually have had their interest peaked by Pawn Stars’ Rick Harrison of the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop. Fans were in luck, as Harrison made an appearance on the third day of the World’s Fair of Money. Crowds flocked to see the one hour meet and greet that Harrison provided, discussing coins, appraisals, and collecting.

Shave Miles Fundraising Event

Long-time members of the coin collecting community will likely recognize prominent expert of numismatist coins Miles Standish, who made an appearance at the fair. He and Rick Harrison came together for the Shave Miles Fundraising Event, during which Harrison shaved Miles’ head to benefit the non-profit Standish Foundation for Child and Family Centered Healthcare.

The World’s Fair of Money offered a truly one-of-a-kind opportunity to peek into one of the world’s biggest collections and meet some of the biggest names in the community. Be sure to check it out next year to see it all firsthand!

Tony Davis
Tony Davis