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How to Get Kids Excited About Coin Collecting

Coin collecting is a fun and interactive pastime that can easily become a lifelong hobby as well as an investment. For adults who are enthusiastic numismatists, passing that passion along to the next generation of collectors is a real thrill. While it may seem like a tall order to tear kids away from all the distractions of modern life, inspiring young collectors to get started is well worth the effort. Try out these three tips to help jumpstart the next generation of coin collectors.

Kid holding rare coins from Atlanta Gold and Coin in John's Creek, GA

Fill a Folder

For both veteran and novice coin collectors, finding the last coin to complete a set is an extremely satisfying experience. Start kids off by making a game out of completing a folder for a particular set of coins. The 50 State quarter set, for example, is a fun and challenging (but not too challenging) collection that can be pulled together from pocket change.

Give Their Collection a Boost

Another good way to get kids interested in coin collecting is to start them off with a foundation for their collection. This might mean buying a proof or mint set of gold or silver coins as an investment, or buying a few slightly more rare coins that are still very affordable, such as Flying Eagle cents and Seated Liberty silver dimes. Knowing they have at least a few special items in their collection already will inspire kids to take pride in their collection as they grow it.

Match Other Interests

Coin collecting, whether for investment or fun (or both), requires patience and commitment, which are not qualities younger children always possess. A good way to help maintain a kid’s interest is to find collectible coins that match their other interests. If they are interested in foreign countries and world history, foreign coins can be an exciting link to other times and cultures. Many mints are coming out with collectible sets focused on things like dinosaurs, superheroes, and sports, which might also align with a kid’s interests.
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Tony Davis
Tony Davis