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If you’ve been waiting for gold to bounce, consider selling gold coins in Atlanta now.

If you’ve been waiting for gold to bounce from its lows set a couple of weeks back, now may be the time to consider selling gold coins in Atlanta.

While gold is still off from its high set earlier this year, it’s up a considerable amount from the precious metals sell off that we experienced in September, which was primarily due to a change in margin requirements.

While it’s impossible to predict the future price of gold, you should view a potential sale of your gold coins relative to the price at which you purchased your gold coins. If you bought gold coins earlier this year or prior to this year, there’s a high likelihood that you’re sitting on some substantial unrealized profits, in which case it might make sense to sell your gold coins in Atlanta.

While there are many coin buyers in the marketplace, it you’re in search of coin dealers in Atlanta that are known for having an impeccable reputation and for paying among the highest prices in the industry for your gold coins, we recommend that you contact Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers.

We offer free no-obligation evaluations and coin appraisals as well as exceptional customer service. Take advantage now of the bounce in gold prices, and give us a call today at 404-236-9744 to cash in your gold coins for more.

Tony Davis
Tony Davis