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The Importance of Coin Boxes

Tenth Ounce Proof American Gold Eagles

As a leading coin dealer in Atlanta, we meet with hundreds of coin sellers every year, and a mistake that we commonly see individuals make is that they fail to keep the boxes and original government paperwork that accompanies various coins and sets. We understand from a storage standpoint that keeping boxes can be somewhat bulky and take up a good deal of space; however, some coins and sets derive a substantial amount of their value from the original government packaging.

Not only is additional value attributed to coins and sets that include their original boxes, but this can also affect the ability to include coins in IRA’s, which is becoming more and more popular. For example, proof American gold and silver eagles qualify as IRA investments, but only if they include the original government paperwork, including the coin box. Additionally, from a value perspective, an American gold eagle proof coin without the packaging is typically viewed as a standard bullion gold coin, whereas, one that includes the original government packaging sells at a premium.

Not only is it important to keep all paperwork and boxes that are issued with coins and sets, but you should be careful to keep the boxes in good condition. Boxes that have writing, damage, or wear from being stored improperly typically devalue your coins or sets. The same applies to silver proof sets minted in 1964 and earlier. Having an original envelope in good condition will translate into a higher payout for your sets. Furthermore, the value of the set increases if the envelope is unopened.

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Tony Davis
Tony Davis