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Industrial Uses for Precious Metals

Many people buy and sell precious metals because they’re smart investments that often hold their value during times of economic uncertainty. However, most of them have unique properties that make them useful in other ways. You probably use items each day without knowing that they contain precious metals. Here are three industrial applications for gold, silver, and platinum.

Platinum Manages Auto Emissions

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For decades, automakers have placed platinum in cars to limit the emission of carbon monoxide and other gas pollutants. As part of a vehicles’ catalytic converter, platinum’s chemical properties help break down toxic gases. Studies have shown that platinum can reduce the amount of toxic gases and particles in a vehicle’s exhaust by up to 90%. Platinum is also used in the fuel cells of vehicles that run on hydrogen instead of gasoline. Palladium can serve many of the same purposes as platinum, but it is a more expensive substitute, at least as of the time of this writing.

Gold in Space

Though gold coins and bullion are highly valuable here on Earth, gold is also used in the production of several objects that are launched into space. Because gold is highly conductive and resists rusting, it’s ideal for the circuitry of spaceships and space rovers. According to NASA, gold’s high conductivity can also protect astronauts and satellites from the extreme heat and radiation that occur in space.

Medical Uses for Silver

Silver can be found in remote controls, cameras, dentistry drills, and more, but one of its most important uses is in the medical field. This precious metal can kill bacteria, fungi, and even viruses. Scalpels, needles, and stethoscopes are often lined with silver to fend off hazardous microorganisms. Silver is also used in bandages and wound dressings to help prevent infections.

Though it’s interesting to think about the different industrial uses of precious metals, with seemingly new uses every day, we tend to focus on their value as investments. At Atlanta Gold & Coin Buyers, we offer competitive rates for buying or selling gold, silver, platinum, and other precious metals. Our experts can accurately appraise any coins or bullion in your collection. We’re committed to being honest and transparent, which is why we post our buying rates online. To set up an appointment in the Atlanta metro area, call (404) 236-9744 today.

Tony Davis
Tony Davis