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Is Investing in Junk Silver a Good Idea?

Is Investing in Junk Silver a Good Idea?

For those unfamiliar with the bullion industry, the term junk silver can be misleading. It is only when collectors find out the value of these coins that they discover there is actually nothing ‘junk’ about them. The term describes silver coins with little or no numismatic value. What distinguishes them from face value coins and makes them much more valuable to an investor’s portfolio is their silver content. The following is what makes these precious metals an excellent investment option.

Junk Silver Is Easy to Identify

US 90% Silver Coins

Unlike gold bullion and coins or silver bullion, which consist of U.S. dimes, quarters, and half dollars issued in 1964 and earlier, these coins don’t need an appraisal to tell if they are the real thing. It is recognizable to many people because these coins resemble the current coins that are in circulation. Furthermore, these coins are distinguishable based on their pre-1965 date and solid silver edge. Finding a buyer that knows the pure silver content of a particular bag of coins is usually not a difficult task, and that makes them a great investment option.

Junk Silver Has Real Investment Value

The value of a bag of junk silver coins closely tracks with the spot price of silver and may be able to fetch something in the region of thousands of dollars, despite having a lower face value. The real value of junk silver is determined by multiplying the total ounces of silver in the bag by the spot price. They are also easy to store and liquidate. Even with a dealer markup, collectors can approach any bullion coin dealer for a junk silver bag. Premiums are low, especially for the 90% silver bags, and that makes them a popular investment. This situation is not the case with many other types of coins and bullion.

As an investor, junk silver is a valuable asset that safeguards your hard-earned cash. If you think that this investment is a good idea, get in touch with Atlanta Gold & Coin Buyers. We provide transparent and convenient services online by phone or email. Contact us at 678-498-6165 to learn more about the value of junk silver today.


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