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Large Lot of Pre-1933 BU 20 Swiss Francs in Stock!

Pre-1933 20 Swiss Franc
An image of a 1927 20 Swiss Franc

Atlanta Gold & Coin Buyers is pleased to announce that we’ve recently received a new inventory of pre-1933 20 Franc Swiss gold coins in brilliant uncirculated condition that we’re selling at below market prices.  Pre-1933 gold coins are in higher demand than post-1933 gold coins due to the lower quantity produced and the significance of the 1933 Gold Act, which made it illegal for U.S. citizens to hold gold bullion coins.

The actual 20 Swiss Franc gold coins that we have in stock were produced in 1927.  20 Franc coins, along with British gold sovereigns, are the most popular European old world gold coins in existence.  They’re especially popular amongst individuals that are interested in accumulating fractional gold coins at reasonable premiums.  These coins are roughly a fifth of an ounce a piece and can be purchased at premium levels of nearly half of fractional American gold eagles.  Not only are they a relative bargain from a cost perspective, but millions of these coins were produced and they’re recognizable the world over, which means that you’ll have a broad and liquid market available if the need ever arises to sell these coins.

In addition to Swiss 20 Francs, we have British gold sovereigns (the Victoria Young Head version) produced in the mid 1800’s, American gold eagles, American gold buffaloes, Canadian gold maple leafs, South African gold krugerrands and plenty of other gold coins, so no matter your particular gold coin of interest, we have you covered!  We’re also Atlanta’s leading gold coin buyer, so if you have gold coins that you’re interested in selling, contact us first to receive industry leading prices for your coins.

Tony Davis
Tony Davis