Mail Coins to Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers to Receive the Most!

Atlanta Gold and Coin’s mail coin business is continuing to gain momentum as more and more people come to realize that mailing coins to a reputable and trustworthy online coin dealer is as safe as selling your coins in person to a coin shop.  Not only is it just as safe, but it’s typically much more profitable, as Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers pays among the most competitive rates in the industry.  We’re not only Atlanta’s coin dealer of choice, but we’re also a leading online coin buyer.

Why should you consider mailing your coins to Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers?  Not only do we pay among the most competitive rates, but we also offer unparalleled customer service. We do what we say were going to do, and do it when we say we’re going to do it, which is extremely important when individuals are putting their trust in you by mailing their coins to you.  Mailing your coins can be a nerve racking experience, especially if you’ve never sold coins online before, so you should only consider selling your coins to an online dealer that has a proven track record.

Another reason to consider mailing your coins to Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyer is that we’re an “A” rated company by the Better Business Bureau.  As you may know, the Better Business Bureau is dedicated to the highest standards of ethical behavior in the industry, which is consistent with our approach to doing business.  In our opinion, you should only consider selling your coins online to a business that’s affiliated with the Better Business Bureau, as this will ensure that you’re dealing with a reputable coin buyer.

Thirdly, Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers buys all types of coins, including gold, silver, platinum, old, rare, and numismatic coins.  This differs from many online coin dealers, who specialize in only one or two different types of coins.  While most online coin dealers will purchase .999 fine silver or gold bullion, many won’t consider purchasing or old, rare, or numismatic coins, and may not be willing to pay a premium for key date or low mintage coins.  Also, the foreign coin market isn’t quite as broad as the U.S. coin market, but this is a market in which we’re extremely active, as is evidenced by numerous individuals selling their gold, silver, and platinum foreign coins to Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers.

If you’ve decided that Atlanta Gold and Coin is your online coin dealer of choice, the next step is to contact us to confirm that we’re currently buying the coins that you have available.  Considering our broad range of interest, there’s a very high likelihood that that’s the case.  We’ll provide you with a quote over the phone or online, which we’ll honor as long as your coins are shipped by no later than the end of the following business day.  This is the case even if you have coins that contain precious metals and the precious metals value drops significantly from the time you mail your coins and the time we receive them.

Once we receive your shipped coins, we’ll inspect the items to verify that they’re as described, and will contact you the same day to reiterate our offer.  If accepted, we’ll send out a company check the same day, which typically arrives within a few business days.  If for some reason you’ve reconsidered, we’ll gladly repackage your items and ship them back to you.

Just over the past week, we’ve received packages from rural Georgia, Florida, Kansas, and Arizona, and would love to do business with you regardless of your location.  We offer three convenient ways to contact us, including via e-mail at, online via our contact form, or via phone at 404-236-9744.  We look forward to hearing from you and earning your business!

Tony Davis
Tony Davis