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New Custom Order Program from Atlanta Gold & Coin

Atlanta Gold & Coin Buyers has always prided itself on meeting the coin buying and selling needs of our customers.  In a standard market, we typically have more than enough inventory to meet all of the needs of our local customers.  Even though we have been purchasing a decent quantity of coins over the counter, current demand at the moment is far exceeding supply, which is requiring us to fill many orders through our suppliers and trading partners.  In fact, we have placed nearly $500,000 worth of orders over the past few months to fill orders and are continuing to see strong demand for most products.  As a result, we have established some guidelines to better explain the process of special ordering coins and bullion.

The following is a brief description of our customer order program.  However, we realize that you may still have questions, and welcome you to contact us to discuss our program in further detail.

Atlanta Gold & Coin Buyers’ Coin & Bullion Custom Order Program

Atlanta Gold & Coin Buyers always strives to meet customer demand with our current inventory; however, at times, demand for certain products may exceed supply and/or the coins or bullion requested may not be common items that we keep in stock. In these situations, we’re able to reach out to our large network of suppliers and trading partners to fill orders. In fact, we’re members of the two largest coin and bullion dealer networks in the nation. Please see below for additional details of our custom order program:

  • The minimum for custom orders is ten ounces of gold or platinum or five hundred ounces of silver. However, at times, we’re able to combine orders, so don’t hesitate to inquire if your desired quantity of gold, platinum and silver coins or bullion is slightly less.


  • A 10% deposit is due at the time we meet and establish the parameters for your order. The amount of your deposit will be deducted from the balance due, which is payable at the time you take physical possession of your coins and/or bullion.


  • We agree to place your order within the spot price and premiums that you establish for us. If for some reason we’re unable to fill your order within the parameters established, we’ll seek your approval prior to placing an order that is outside the established guidelines. We’ll return your full deposit by no later than three days following our initial meeting if we’re unable to place your order by that time.


  • We’ll notify you following the placement of your order and will provide you with the total amount due as well as the estimated date of arrival for your coins and/or bullion.


  • Once we are in receipt of your order, we will notify you to arrange pick up of your merchandise. We prefer to meet for pick up at our Duluth/Johns Creek, but other arrangements can be made under special circumstances. Items must be picked up no later than five business days following our receipt of your order, or your deposit will be forfeited.


  • Our commission is included within the spot price and premiums that we establish at the outset of our meeting, so the price that we quote to you will be the total price due once you take physical possession of your items.


  • The form of payment for your order will be established at our initial meeting. Depending on our prior business dealings, possible forms of payment include cash, a bank wire transfer, certified funds (in the form of a cashier’s check) or a personal check. Other forms of payment may be possible; however, any processing fees will be passed along to the buyer.


Unlike many dealers, we don’t use your funds to fill your order. This means that when you deal with Atlanta Gold & Coin Buyers, the amount of your capital at risk is substantially less than when dealing with our competition. Most dealers require the full amount due in advance of placing your order and use your capital to place an order. We believe that a coin dealer who has capital at risk is much more likely to fill your order on time and within the established parameters.

The above guidelines establish the framework of our custom order program, but aren’t intended to address each and every situation that may arise, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need further details on our program. We can be reached at 404-236-9744 or via e-mail at

Tony Davis
Tony Davis