Off time - no update New Gold Inventory: Popular Gold Coins in Stock at Atlanta Gold & Coin

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New Gold Inventory: Popular Gold Coins in Stock at Atlanta Gold & Coin

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Atlanta Gold & Coin Buyers currently has in stock a wide variety of the most popular modern gold bullion coins in the market today that are sure to go quickly.  American gold eagles, American gold buffaloes, South African gold krugerrands and Canadian gold maple leaf coins are currently and have historically been some of our top sellers.  The reason is simple: these coins are recognizable, have been produced in high quantities, have an established track record and are extremely liquid.  In fact, when asked which gold bullion coins would make the best long term investment, we routinely recommend these four coins.  As is typically the case, we don’t expect our current inventory of gold bullion coins to last long, so we recommend that you contact us today to reserve yours while supplies last.

To keep track of our current inventory of these coins, as well as others, we recommend that you visit our current inventory page.  If the coin or coins that you’re interested in purchasing aren’t currently in stock, you can sign up to be notified when the coins arrive by clicking on the “Notify Me” option.  We also routinely have other coins in stock that don’t make their way on to our inventory page, so don’t hesitate to contact us if the coin that you’re interested in isn’t displayed on our website.

Now appears to be a great time to purchase gold bullion coins as a long term investment due to the relatively low cost relative to recent years.  Gold also performs well as an inflation hedge, during financial crises and in the midst of geopolitical tensions.  At the moment, any number of situations could cause gold to skyrocket, including the presence of Ebola in the U.S., the war against ISIS, the Ukrainian crisis or the sputtering economy, which is causing wild swings in the stock market.

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Tony Davis
Tony Davis