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New Gold & Silver Coin Inventory @ Atlanta Gold & Coin!

Gold Coins
American Gold Eagles

As we mentioned in a recent post, at the moment, demand is far outpacing supply for gold & silver coins.  In fact, we have a long waiting list of customers to be notified once we receive certain products in stock.  That being said, we’re fortunate to have recently made a few acquisitions and have several new gold & silver coin offerings available for our customers.  Below is a partial list of some of the items that we’ve recently added to our inventory:

Gold Coins

American gold eagles – We acquired a limited number of American gold eagle coins on Friday, including 1 oz and 1/2 oz varieties.  American gold eagles have been among the most frequently requested coins in recent weeks, so they’re sure to go quickly.

St. Gaudens gold coins – The St. Gaudens $20 gold coin is one of the most popular and desirable among all U.S. issued coins.  It displays an iconic image of a walking Lady Liberty on the obverse and a flying eagle on the reverse.  At the moment, we have some stellar certified examples of St. Gaudens gold coins.  All have been certified by NGC in MS64 condition.  Just a few years ago, these coins were going for as much as $2,000.  Call now to pick up one or more coins at a fraction of the price.

U.S. Modern Commemorative Gold Coins – We’re also offering $5 & $10 U.S. modern commemorative gold coins at industry leading prices.  While not quite as common as pre-1933 gold coins or American gold eagles, these coins are still highly desirable, as they’re U.S. minted and are legal tender.  For those individuals that are unfamiliar with modern commemorative gold coins, they contain the same gold content as $5 & $10 Indian & Liberty Head gold coins.  This is a great way to acquire government issued gold coins at a reasonable price.


Silver Coins

90% Silver Half Dollars – We just acquired this morning a limited number of 90% silver Kennedy, Franklin and Walking Liberty half dollars.  90% silver coins are currently the hottest silver coin in the industry, and we’re excited to be able to offer these coins to our customers.  We sell these coins at more competitive rates than the local competition as well as the large online coin dealers.  Why pay more when buying 90% silver half dollars online when you can pick them up at the time of payment and take immediate possession of the coins?  Call today to reserve yours while supplies last.

Canadian silver maple leaf coins – Canadian silver maple leaf coins are the most popular government issued .999 fine silver coins next to American silver eagles.  While we’re currently out of American silver eagles, we have a moderate supply of mint fresh tubes of Canadian silver maple leaf coins that we’re selling at competitive rates.  Each tube consists of 25 coins and contains brilliant uncirculated coins.  These coins are a great option for individuals that are partial to .999 fine silver, but that don’t want to pay a large mark up over bullion rates.

Morgan & Peace silver dollars – We mentioned a few weeks back that pricing on several silver coin offerings has remained relatively strong in spite of falling silver prices.  The leader of the pack has been Morgan and Peace silver dollars, which are in incredibly high demand at the moment.  However, as is the case with all of our gold and silver coin offerings, we strive to be the low cost leader when selling coins, and these coins are no exception.  We have various condition grades available, ranging from average circulation condition to brilliant uncirculated.  We also have some certified Morgan and Peace silver dollars that we recently received back from NGC.  These coins are a great way to participate in the numismatic market without breaking the bank.

Please note that our inventory changes daily and that we are aggressive buyers of numismatic U.S. coins as well as gold and silver bullion coins, so be sure to check our inventory page frequently or give us a call at 404-236-9744 if there’s anything in particular that you’re looking for.  As a reminder, we’re still actively working with our suppliers, so we can always order items for you if we don’t currently have them in stock.


Tony Davis
Tony Davis