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New Gold & Silver Coin Offerings from Atlanta Gold & Coin Buyers

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The summer months tend to be a slower time for gold and silver coin transactions, as historically gold and silver prices tend to pull back during the dog days of summer, but this year is considerably different, as gold has been the top performing asset class during the first half of 2014.  Strong gold and silver prices have caused activity to remain robust, providing us with the opportunity to acquire a wide variety of gold and silver coins.

Some of our new inventory offerings include American gold eagles, American silver eagle proof coins, and 90% silver half dollars.  Additionally, we’ve recently acquired a number of 90% commemorative silver dollars, which in our opinion are some of the best value plays in the market today, as these coins are selling at some of the smallest premiums over the melt value of the coins that we’ve seen in years.

In addition to the above, we also have a wide variety of old and rare coins that we regularly buy and keep in stock.  We typically don’t include these coins on our inventory page, as we don’t want to overwhelm individuals with the number of potential options that are available.  Rather, we tend to include coins, bars and rounds consisting of precious metals content, as these tend to be the most popular coins that we buy and sell.

As a leading Atlanta coin dealer, our inventory is always changing, so we recommend that you frequently check our coin inventory page for any items that you might be interested in.  Our inventory page includes a feature that provides the option of signing up to be notified when a particular coin that you’re interested in becomes available, which we recommend that you take advantage of.  Alternatively, you’re more than welcome to contact us at time at 404-236-9744 to check on our inventory or discuss your coin buying or selling needs.

Tony Davis
Tony Davis