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New Inventory – Buy Gold Coins in Atlanta for Less

The purpose of this post is to notify our customers of some exciting new inventory that we recently received at Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers.  You can now buy gold coins in Atlanta for less when you purchase South African gold krugerrand coins from Atlanta Gold and Coin.

We currently have 13 one ounce gold krugerrands in stock at the moment; although, we don’t expect these coins to last long, as the price of gold is still well below the highs set a couple of months back, possibly making it an ideal time to buy gold coins in Atlanta.  If you were buying gold coins when the price of gold was over $1,900, consider this a great opportunity to purchase gold coins at over a $150 discount.

Why should you consider buying gold krugerrands, and most specifically, from Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers?  South African gold krugerrands are the highest minted and most well recognized gold coin in the world, which means that these coins are quite possibly the most liquid gold coins that are in existence – no matter where you may be located.  In fact, we recently received a request from a native Australian to buy gold krugerrands, as these coins are apparently well known in Australia.

As to Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers, we’re the low price leader when you buy gold coins in Atlanta, as we operate a low overhead business with a focus on high volume and low margins.  We believe that the key to success is not to maximize our profits on each and every sale, but rather, to establish a reputation as the low cost leader and to build long term relationships with our customers.

Not only do we sell gold coins in Atlanta for less, but we also buy gold coins in Atlanta for more, and operate on some of the most narrow buy/sell margins in the industry.  In fact, we may be the most active and aggressive coin buyers in metro Atlanta, and online from coin sellers all over the nation.  You can view our current prices online to receive up to date prices on the most common gold, silver, and platinum coins, bullion, bars, and ingots that we purchase.

Give us a call today at 404-236-9744 to buy or sell your gold coins in Atlanta.  We look forward to hearing from you and earning your business.


Tony Davis
Tony Davis