New Inventory – Franklin Mint 100 Greatest Masterpieces Sterling Silver Coin Set

Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers is pleased to announce that we just received in a beautiful Franklin Mint sterling silver medal/coin set commonly referred to as the “100 Greatest Masterpieces.” All of the coins are individually sealed so that you can be sure that they’re free from blemish.

As the name implies, the set consists of silver coin replicas of the 100 greatest artistic masterpieces, as determined by the Franklin Mint. The weight of each sterling silver medal is over 2 troy ounces, and the total combined weight of the coins is 208 troy ounces,

This is truly the most exquisite Franklin Mint set that we’ve come across. The attention to detail is above and beyond Franklin Mint’s already high standards. Not to mention, the historical significance of this set will likely garner much interest,

If you’re a collector of art, a collector of art silver rounds or medals, or just have an appreciation of the greatest artistic pieces ever created, this is the perfect set for you. Not only are you buying a set that is aesthetically beautiful, but one that has intrinsic value, as the silver content of each round is over two troy ounces.

Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers is most of the most active buyers and sellers of Franklin Mint silver coins, rounds, medals, and ingot sets, so don’t hesitate to contact us whether you would like to sell Franklin Mint Sets or buy Franklin Mint sets, as we’ve yet to come across a Franklin Mint set that we haven’t been interested in purchasing.

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Tony Davis
Tony Davis