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New Inventory – Large Variety of Morgan & Peace Silver Dollars

As one of Atlanta’s most active coin buyers, we regularly run across a number of different types of coins, and are quickly becoming the preferred coin dealer in Atlanta for most gold, silver, and platinum coins, bullion, bars, and rounds, but most recently, we have been regularly purchasing Morgan and Peace silver dollars, and have a good in stock that we’re selling at prices below our competition.

We have a wide variety of old silver dollars available, including coins that grade out as follows:

  • Almost Good – Good
  • Very Good – Very Fine
  • Extremely Fine – Almost Uncirculated
  • Brilliant Uncirculated
Not only do we have a large variety of Morgan and Peace silver dollars that we’re buying and selling, but also have low mintage and key date silver dollars available.  In fact, at the moment, we have in stock nearly every Morgan and Peace dollar minted, besides the 1895 Proof and the 1893-O.  
While we can accommodate nearly any request for Morgan and Peace dollars, we most commonly sell old silver dollars in rolls.  As far as buying old silver dollars, which we do on a regular basis, they can be in any form, and don’t necessarily need to be in coin tubes or in full rolls.
Whether you’re interested in buying Morgan and Peace silver dollars for less or selling your Morgan and Peace silver dollars for more, Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers can accommodate your needs.  Give us a call today at 404-236-9744 to schedule a free no-obligation evaluation and coin appraisal.  We look forward to hearing from you and earning your business!
Tony Davis
Tony Davis