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New Inventory – Liberty Head Gold Coins, Silver Bars & Junk Silver Coins

As one of Atlanta’s most active coin dealers, we regularly buy and sell all types of gold and silver bars, coins, and rounds.  Included in our most recent acquisition are $10 Liberty Head gold coins, 1 oz silver bars, and junk silver coins, consisting of 90% dimes, quarters, and half dollars, as well as 40% silver half dollars.

One of the reasons that we’re one of the most active buyers and sellers of gold and silver coins in Atlanta is because we’re known for our industry leading rates.  This applies to buying and selling coins.  How is it that we’re able to pay competitive rates when buying coins and sell at equally competitive prices?

The primary reason is because we’re a low overhead, family owned and operated business that focuses on high volume and low margins.  We’re satisfied with accepting lower margins on our transactions than most Atlanta coin dealers and online coin dealers because we’re a customer focused business.  Our goal is to establish long term relationships with our customers.

This philosophy rings true, as nearly half of our business comes from repeat customers.  We truly value and appreciate our regular customers, and our customer retention is indicative of the way that we operate our business.

Whether you’re interested in buying or selling your old, rare, silver or gold coins or a complete coin collection, Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers should be your coin dealer of choice. Contact us today for a free no-obligation appointment and see for yourself why more individuals in metro Atlanta and beyond are choosing to do business with Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers.

Tony Davis
Tony Davis