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New Inventory – South African Gold Krugerrands and Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coins

Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers is pleased to announce that we’ve recently acquired some gold coins that we’re selling at amazing prices.  Our most recent purchase consists of South African gold krugerrands and Canadian gold maple leaf coins; two of the most popular and recognizable sovereign gold coins in the marketplace.

Both countries have been minting gold coins for a number of years, but South Africa takes the cake in terms of the most widely minted gold coin in the modern era.  While Canadian gold maple leaf coins were first minted in 1979, South African gold krugerrands began mintage in 1967, a full dozen years prior to Canada.  For comparison purposes, American gold eagles were first minted in 1986.

Why does the mintage of gold bullion coins matter?  The mintage is important, as the higher the mintage, the more likely the gold coins have made their way through other parts of the world, and the more likely people are going to recognize and desire to purchase these gold coins.  Because they’re being purchased for their gold content, as opposed to any type of numismatic or collectible value, the higher the mintage, the better.

Not only does Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers sell gold coins for less than the competition, but we also pay more when we buy gold coins, so whether you’re in the market to purchase or sell gold coins, we should be your coin dealer of choice.  Contact us today at 404-236-9744 or via e-mail at to schedule an appointment and see for yourself why we’re quickly becoming the coin dealer of choice for more and more individuals.



Tony Davis
Tony Davis