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New Silver Bullion Offerings from Atlanta Gold & Coin Buyers

Silver Bullion
 Silver Bars

Atlanta Gold & Coin Buyers is pleased to announce that we have some new and exciting silver bullion offerings available.  Firstly, we’ve received in a new lot of one ounce generic silver rounds.  Most of the rounds are from established private mints, but most importantly, all are stamped as .999 fine silver or one troy ounce of pure silver.  While the dimensions of the rounds tend to slightly vary, they should all fit in standard sized coin tubes for easy storage.

For those individuals that prefer silver bars, we also have a number of new one ounce silver bars that we’ve received in stock.  As is the case with the silver rounds, all of the items are stamped as pure silver.  Some of the bars are from recognized producers, while others have popular images that you’ve grown accustomed to seeing over the years.  The premiums for silver rounds and bars are some of the lowest among popular silver bullion offerings, making them an easy and affordable way to invest in silver.

In addition to silver bars and rounds, we have uncirculated American silver eagles as well as foreign silver bullion coins currently on hand.  Government issued silver bullion coins tend to sell at higher rates than privately issued bars and rounds, as the weight and purity of the coins are guaranteed by the issuing government.  In particular, American silver eagle coins tend to sell at slightly higher rates due to their popularity in the States.

The above items are just a sampling of some of the silver coins, bars and rounds that we have in stock.  Additionally, our inventory changes on a daily basis, so please check our coin inventory page frequently for our current inventory, or subscribe to our blog to receive early notification of new coin and bullion offerings from Atlanta Gold & Coin.

Tony Davis
Tony Davis