No Need to Look Further if You’re Interested in Selling Your Gold and Silver Coins, Bullion, Jewelry and Silverware!

We believe that there are a number of attributes that set us apart from the competition, including our family-run customer-focused approach to doing business, our friendly staff, flexible hours (including evenings and weekends), and top rates for your gold and silver coins, bullion, jewelry, and silverware, but what many people don’t realize is that we’re a one stop shop for all of your buying and selling needs.

First and foremost, we’re coin experts, and pride ourselves on knowing and understanding our business.  Customers deserve to be paid for the full value of their coins.  That means that customers should fully expect to be compensated for uncirculated, key date, and numismatic coins.  These are coins that carry with them a higher premium that the mere silver, gold, or platinum content of the coins.  If you’re not selling your coins to a coin expert, you’re likely not receiving a fair price for your valuables.

Secondly, we’re fully informed when it comes to the price of precious metals, including gold, silver, and platinum.  We keep track daily of the prices of these metals and are able, in most cases, to provide you with an immediate quote over the phone.  We’ll carefully test and weigh your gold, silver, and platinum bullion, jewelry and silverware to ensure that you’re receiving the highest price possible for your valuables.  You should never sell to a gold buyer who is unwilling to allow you to watch the testing process to confirm the purity of your items, or who is unwilling to share with you the weight of the items on a properly calibrated scale.

In summary, we’re fully equipped and properly trained to handle the buying of all of your valuables, so there’s no need to look further if you’re interesting in selling your gold and silver coins, bullion, jewelry, and silverware!  We’re available to meet during the week, by appointment only, at our office in Suwanee or elsewhere in the Metro Atlanta area, and display on the weekends at the Pendergrass Flea Market.  Our booth is located at the rear of the facility, in the middle aisle, directly across from the food court.  We can be reached anytime at 404-236-9744 or via e-mail at


Tony Davis
Tony Davis